Ephedra to be Banned

I think anything that kills high school football players can't be all bad.

It definately sucks that they are looking to ban it. It does wonders for my exercise routine and I'm starting to trim up a bit too. It sucks that those of us who do use it and use it properly have to suffer becuause of those who were negligent.

*snorts three lines of hydroxycut*

Not 100% if they still have it or if it's at the same price, but I bought one of the big containers of Ripped Fuel (the 200 caplet one) for $40 online about a month ago.

If anyone has been considering trying it, you'd best go for it now. If you want any kind of advice on it, I took it steadily for 6 months and dropped about 80 lbs. and got in the best shape of my life with it. I know all about diet and exercize, but I swear *nothing* worked to actually help me lose weight until I tried Xenedrine. Once I started, the weightloss was steady, and at first it gave me the energy to make sure I actually DID get a good work-out. At the same time, my appetite for snacks totally went away.
I'm not saying it's for everyone, but I can't explain how much it helped me. If I never tried it, I'd likely still be 245 lbs.

I'm not saying it's safe, I'm not saying it can't cause MAJOR problems when taken incorrectly. What I am saying is that it helped me do what normal dieting and exercize couldn't, and unlike odd diets, it made my metabolism better permanently. I know all of these people who go on Atkins and Body for Life and whatnot, and if they ever fall off the wagon for a week or two...that's ballgame, and the weight comes back. I was off it for 2 years and only put on 20 lbs. (which I'd like to think Creatine helped).

I heard this was coming last month so I made sure to buy some more in case I do want to go back on it...and luckily I got some before it did.

Doesn't anyone find it strange that it took 100 deaths to ban Ephedra, yet MMA which has NO deaths is banned in alot of states?

I don't need the government protecting me from myself. Thanks but no thanks.

If it was about ethics, I wouldn't be so pissed. I highly doubt it is though. It is more along the lines of placating to a interest group.

THe things is this supplement has benefitted 10's of thousands of people. Tobacco has no benefits but marijuana does ( not a stoner ), which is legal ? Why is it the government can tell us which plant we can legally ingest ? To quote Bill Maher " It is the government's job to fuck us up. ".

subwhitebelt, you bring up good points that I agree with as far as pharmaceutical investment and such. I still stick with a human is his/her own boss.

The dumbshit baseball player's death has still not be definatively attributed to the ephedra. His brother died of the same thing without ephedra.

As far as Heroin goes, it far all intensive purposes offers no medicinal properties other than opiatic effects. It is highly addictive and requires quite a bit of prep time to make. I don't see too many pot heads in replacement clinics ( ala methadone ).

You do make valid points that I am milling over.

cigs are legal but ephedra not lol

"Legalize sex with underage girls since it's not killing anyone. If they agree to it then you should be allowed to bang them. If sex with a 19 year old is legal then so should sex with a 9 year old."

First of all prostitution should be legal. If the girls are considered by the state to be adults. A nine year old can not vote, she is not of able mind and body to comprehend the actions taking place, etc.
So your comparision is fundamentally flawed. Their is a victim who, because of immature mental capabilites, is being damaged in this case.

"I'm not saying banning it is the best thing, but i'm not dumb enough to pretend I don't understand why it's getting banned. You act like they're banning water. You'll get along fine without it so why the intense whining?"

Slippery slope man. Review the bill that is being reviewed that I posted at the start of this thread. All but the weakest vitamins/minerals are in danger of becoming prescription. That has nothing to do with ethics.

Also, if you do enough research into the ephedra deaths, there are countless other factors. In some of the deaths, they just found the supplement in the person's locker or possesion but it was never found in their system.

I do not have some undying connection to ephedra, it is just they tried the same with creatine, etc. This is another case of media influenced actions.

"I don't agree with the law. But it is bad shit when abused... "

So is air and everything else. Bottom line is there is no big money to be made by the drug companies, no rich lobbist's to pad the pockets of the congressmen. Freedom is a VERY subjective term im guess. No ephedra or pot which kills together maybe 3 people a year, but we have gigg's, and alcohol which kill 1,000,000 or more a year including MANY who dont smoke or drink. WTF!!!!!

Amen, Bushhog !

"No reason to shit on the government for trying to protect your dumbass."

kind of like people in the government banning MMA

"to protect us from ourselves"

same line of reasoning

Ephedra products are hard to find as it is already since no health food stores will carry it because they'll be liable if someone dies off of it. That took into effect last July. Putting a ban on it will just make people find another way of getting it, it won't make a big impact IMO.

"Leave the ideals behind and step into the real world."Yeah, that's what has made America great. /sarcasmHow about fight for your ideals in the real world? 'Cause that is the only way they will stay intact. THAT'S reality. If you don't fight for yourself, no one else will. They'll say they are "protecting" you while lining their own pockets. This ban is bullshit, its pandering to drug companies who are losing money on their patented/prescription weight loss products and bronchial dialators while people use a SAFER (yep, why don't you look into the death toll for prescriptions vs supplements) more effective NATURAL unpatentable alternative.

Who cares, I can still get it along with my weed. Bart

It is not even so mucht he fact that they are banning it, which does piss me off. It is what is next ? I will take the hit and ephedra if they lay off everything else. THere was a time they were saying creatine caused tumor growth.

Your right, why don't we leave all our ideals behind and just take what we are given. FUck this, I am dressing up as a baseball player and throwing some ephedra free Ripped Fuel into the harbor.

Exactly my case BlackBart, now we might have unregulated ephedra being grown without tests of potency, quality, etc.

I completely agree, bhamill.

i'd like to take a moment to thank our sue happy, no personal accountability having society for ruining a great thing.

"There are no absolutes on a question like this. The truth is going to be a function of prevailing social philosophy - mostly the philosophy of elites - on the correct plan of debate and of action, combined with existing legal practice, in context.

If you think it is something unusual about the legislation that elites are making the decision, I have one question for you: what the fuck do you think even the lowliest city legislature is composed of, if not elites, and people clamoring after elite status?

Sure, there are people in government who care, but they are still elites, a step removed from the lives and circles most of us know and suffer."

Exactly. I completely agree.

What is their next move ? Mega dose vitamins( which is said to harden arterial walls), protein powders ( which is said to cause kidney dysfuntion),prohormones ( probably the next target ) ? When the objectives of the legislation are 90% decided by lobbying bodies, it has nothing to do with the well being of their constituents.

of course they're not going to ban tylenol, alcohol or tobacco which exponetially more fatal.