EPIC Matt Horwich Interview Highlights

HIGHLIGHTS FROM MATT HORWICH INTERVIEW, THIS IS JUST A PORTION!!! Below is the summary from the full length version. To hear the interview in its entirety goto: http://www.joeshowradio.com/archive/podcasts.php?id=20110113-The-Joe-Show-ft-Matt-Horwich


This week we were joined by Matt Horwich who is by far the most interesting fighter I have ever had the opportunity to interview.

With Matt we discuss basically everything you can think of.

Matt is a meat eater, but he won't eat animals of a higher intelligence such as monkeys, whales and dolphins.

Fun fact. Dolphins can be trained to learn 600 words. Matt taught me that.

Matt was once a hippie that roamed the country, at the time he was homeless. During that time Matt was in the process of finding himself. Eventually, he found MMA.

Matt has plenty of nicknames, the most recent being 'The Multiverse Surfing River Dolphin'. Now try to top that!

Training with 10th Planet, Matt is a supporter of legalizing marijuana. He currently doesn't smoke because of his fighting career but sees no problem with pot.

These are just a few things touched on in this interview. If you want to hear more from Matt like the back story for the Renato Laranja Saga check this out. This interview is a must listen!