Epic TNA vs WWE Supercard I created....

With Dixie Carter recently coming out in the media saying she would like to do a PPV with the WWE ( it'll never happen by the way, even if it would be good buisness ) it got me thinking.

What matches would be good ?

So, I came up with this epic card...now I realize there is a shit ton of matches, but you could do mini ppv's or multiple ppv's over a few months period to get all these matches in.

Also, you would have to have some people come back to the feds that they were most recently in ( like Jeff Jarrett and RVD in TNA and Beth Phoenix in WWE) to make this work, but these are the matches I would like to see

Tell me what you think, and feel free to go ahead and add your own.


Daniel Bryan vs Austin Ares : 2 out of 3 falls

James Storm vs Randy Orton

Suicide vs Sin Cara

Shamus vs Magnus

Crimson vs Rybeck

Jesse ( Tara's boytoy ) vs Fandango

Eric Young vs Santino Morella (pure comedy gold match )

Jay Bradley vs Wade Barrett

Gunner vs Antoio Cesaro

Chavo Guerrerro and Hernandez vs The Prime Time Players

Daniels and Kazarian vs Dean Ambose and Seth Rollins

Sting vs HHH

Bella Twins vs Terryn Terrell and Velvet Sky

Miss Tessmacher vs A.J. Lee

Chris Sabin vs Rey Misterio

Petey Williams vs Evan Bourne

Kane vs Abyss

Alberto Del Rio vs Kurt Angle

Matt Morgan vs The Undertaker

Dolph Ziggler vs Jeff Hardy

C.M. Punk vs A.J. Styles

Bubba Ray vs Mark Henry

Kenny King vs Kofi Kingston

Natalya and Caitlin vs Tara and Gail Kim

Roman Reigns vs Somoa Joe ( Samoan Strap Match )

John Cena vs Bobby Rude

Big E Langston vs Devon Dudley

Chris Jericho vs Jeff Jarrett

Mr. Anderson vs The Miz

Garrett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe vs Cody Rhoades and Damien Sandow

Doc and Mike Knox ( from Aces and 8's ) vs Tons of Funk ( Tensai and Funkasaurous )

Kid Kash vs Tyson Kid

Brock Lesner vs Rob Terry ( Battle of the huge muscled monsters )

Zak Ryder vs Robbie E ( BRO OFF ) match

Cutis Axel vs RVD

Jack Swagger vs King Mo

Zima Ion vs Heath Slater

ODB vs Beth Phoenix

Mickie James vs Layla

Hulk Hogan vs JBL ( Legends Match )

No Phone Post

A lot of these are spot on. I like kaz and daniels vs. Shield Phone Post

Dixie Carter vs Stephanie McMahon to end the ppv in a LUMBERJACK MATCH! Ring surrounded the winners of all previous matches so the matches mean even more. Phone Post