^Thanks for the breakdown, bro!

Yeah I found the article wordy and annoying.

"Alas" should never be used in an MMA article.

 Yeah, that's cool.  I understand.

I usually don't write with that much of a personal tone, but I've done enough objective and opinionless and flavorless articles to try something different and not really give a fuck.

It's been a weird day.


I appreciate you explaining yourself though.  Thanks.

yea the event unfolded pretty strange today

good shit man, i liked it


How is this troll not banned yet?

I still get where you were coming from. I enjoyed the first paragraph where you referenced the sunlight. I definitely had the same feeling today.

smth416 - 

How is this troll not banned yet?


 my vote has been cast, moran

 I enjoyed it, a nice change.  Penn vs Edgar decision you hit the nail on the head.

 JustPeed- for whatever it's worth, I always encourage anyone and everyone to voice their opinion as long as they give some legit reasoning.  So thank again.

caposa and smth416- I've noticed you guys popping up on these threads somewhat regularly, and I want to give you a big thank you for tolerating my gibberish.

 I actually have no problem with USA's comments.  I posted the article, and immediately hit refresh to fix something, and the comment was already there--so if anything was even read, it was only the first few lines.

It sounds kind of Afterschool-Specialish, but even if 9 out of 10 people dislike anything I do, it's really the 1 that does that makes the difference.  My intention isn't to conform to what everyone wants, and this one is a good example of that, but I still like when people share what they disliked about it.

MountainMedic continues to chivalrously sweep my off my feet with his continued support... ;)  THX

Mc6pack -  I enjoyed it, a nice change.  Penn vs Edgar decision you hit the nail on the head.

 Thanks for the "nice change" comment.

As you guys can appreciate, you can never please everyone with MMA journalism.  If I write something totally "professional" (or trying to be) with no bias or emotion, the feedback is that the writing was decent, but it just really isn't interesting to read.  If you infuse some personal opinion or humor, the feedback is that it needs to be more professional and objective to be taken seriously.

So I've just been mixing it up lately.  Personally, I feel that the emotionless "reporting of hard facts" can be found anywhere and everywhere in the MMA world, so I'm just being myself and hoping people will appreciate a different angle.

Thanks again for reading, everyone.