EPSTIEN UPDATE: Acosta's "missing" emails ...lol

Sam miller - Sorry LNP, just like in my thread from two days ago, this is the one aspect of Epstein that these guys see nothing suspicious in.

Oranos, Amadeus, Cire, Sogflop, Sogsteel, BZTown, all the other CTards…they finally found a conspiracy they don’t want to scream about.

Props to NN I guess for at least showing up, even if all he did was shrug and say "well Trump’s DOJ said it wasn’t strictly illegal for Trump’s Labor Secretary to make an extraordinary agreement with Trump’s impeachment lawyer not to prosecute Trump’s pedo friend, and they said there was a technical glitch with the emails, so no harm no foul"

I was updating Epstein threads for awhile. I’ve bitched about this before. Not surprised that his emails are missing to avoid implicating himself and whomever might have been giving him guidance.

He might have received any criminal charges, yet, but he lost his job and his reputation is crap now

Did Epstein belong to intelligence or what?


Did Epstein belong to intelligence or what?

Not according to the DOJ report: “The report also concludes that Epstein wasn’t assisting the federal government in prosecuting Wall Street traders behind the collapse of investment bank Bear Stearns or serving as an “intelligence asset,” long rumored to be reasons for his notoriously lenient treatment.”

“That was an “urban myth”, federal prosecutor Ann Marie Villafaña told her superiors at the time, according to the new DOJ report, which said it found no evidence that he was a government witness.”

Bottom line, federal prosecutor submitted 60-count indictment, Trump’s future Labor Secretary conspired with Trump’s future impeachment lawyer to give Trump’s pedo pal a slap on the wrist and an agreement for no other federal prosecution.