Equipment Question

I am looking for an athletic cup for someone with larger testicles. Obviously some will find this funny but it's a serious question. I've tried shockdoctor bioflex, the spider guard cup, and the cheap franklin from wal mart. None seem to stay tight and snug on the boys. If anyone could help, I would appreciate it. Thank you. Phone Post 3.0

Diamond MMA Compression Jock and Cup,Black,large
"Because they're worth it."

Yup try compression shorts Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post

Red solo cup = best choice Phone Post 3.0

And I use a jock strap, heard they work better than compression shorts. Phone Post 3.0

phathaway - Red solo cup = best choice Phone Post 3.0
Yes, but it has to have some dried up Coors light in it, not Bud light, because Bud light didn't pay me nothing. Phone Post 3.0

Damn you bud light Phone Post 3.0