Eric Andre is not funny

Tried watching his new Netflix special...... No.


Watched his interview with Cheeto santino and they mentioned him being naked in it. Normally when you have to go to things like that your jokes aren't super high quality

Both of you are wrong.  His interview with TI is the best thing ever recorded 


southweststalker -

Both of you are wrong.  His interview with TI is the best thing ever recorded 

I didn't give an opinion on whether I thought he was funny or not. I simply suggested that if you have to resort to getting naked during your stand up for laughs your jokes might not be so great.

I watched his netflix standup special and it was 2/5 star comedy. Almost trash.

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Eric Andre sucks and has always sucked. He just says and does the grossest and most outrageous shit you can think up and tries to pass it off as "comedy". The days of real comedians are all but over.


I love his show, but that's not something that translates well into stand up comedy.

His show is funny but I wouldn't dare watch 99% of stand-up specials. 

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I think I'm too old to care or even be shocked by his brand of comedy.

Sometimes he tries too hard but he is ok

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His show is hilarious and his movie was good for what it was.  Meh stand up. 

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Most comedians these days are pretty weak. Especially the ones on comedy central.

How Trevor Noah ever got that job, I have no idea. The man is simply terrible at comedic delivery. Even when the writers feed him a good joke, he tanks it.

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Did somebody order a pizza ball?!

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I don't know who he is.

I just watched the ad for his nextflix special, with the voiceover and his "hilarious" antics, it honestly looked like a paraody of a bad stand-up special.

BTW, just how many times does the guy mime guzzling cock in his show? Looks like a major mainstay of his act.

Took my son to see the tour.

It was ok.

Lots of "Hey you've seen me on tv, now I'm right here" vibe.  Not enough smart humor.  

Last few comedians I've seen live besides him were, Chappell, Gaffigan, Seinfield and Burr.  

He, uh, was not those guys.

Thought his stand up was barely watchable.  It wasnt awful, but it definitely wasn't good.

DSoV -

Did somebody order a pizza ball?!


His show is hilarious. I never saw it before at my buddy's house and it was the part were he turns around and shoots Hannibal and I completely fucking lost it.

I had to turn his stand up off thought, yeah it's bad 

His show makes me laugh, his standup doesn't

Stand up was awful. His show was genius.