Erica Montoya Vs Shelby Walker UFC

If the UFC does hold a show in japan I think this would be a good fight. here are my reasons




2. The one on the right.

3.If we don't do this now. We may not have a chance later. with the growing threat of Giant Squids.

I think this would be good for Japans show because there would be less "cat calls" from assholes.






As much as I would support a women's fight in the UFC, I believe there are more deserving opponents for Erica than Shelby. Deb Purcell would be the first that comes to mind; I believe she has said that she would drop weight for this.

Purcell by KO


Erica's jiu jitsu is sick! Need to do this before the giant squids take over the world.

Jennifer Howe is No. 1... 12-0 and willing to fight anybody.

is she a giant squid?

WOW! Either Bravo has a HUGE head or Shelby has small face... you decide.

So you type words as a reason.

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I think this would be a very exciting bout. I think these fighter's styles would compliment each other and would lead to a competitive back and forth match. I've seen most of Shelby's MMA and Boxing matches, and she is flat out exciting to watch. Her KO of Angela Wilson was amazing. I've only seen Erica fight twice, but she likewise had a very aggressive wrestling and submission game. Shelby is definately a different fighter since her early MMA losses and has racked up back to back MMA wins and a solid boxing record.

It's hard to argue with promoter though, Jenniffer how is the top female fighter at 145lbs, 135lbs, and 125lbs. She is as deserving of anyone of a big fight. I do think Erica and Shelby make for a compelling match-up. I'll have to give some thought as to who I would put Jenniffer against, she has cleaned out most of the top fighters.

Jennifer Howe could beat half the guys let alone girls in the UFC...


yes, a compelling matchup

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no women fights please in the UFC.

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LOL TTT for any woman fighting in the UFC! Krispy, your illustrations are quite convincing, too :P

Jenifer Howe is the shit!!!!!!!!