Erica Montoya + WEC = perfect fit!

Erica Montoya is one of the best female fighters in the world and IMO the most marketable. With the UFC not having female fights yet and the WEC being the next best promotion in the US, I think they should sign Montoya to fight for them. With good exposure on HDNET I think this would be also good for the WEC, Erica and MMA.

Peter P

Believe it or not, Erin Toughill was scheduled to make her WEC debut on May 21st,but for some reason Nicole chose not to fight her.The WEC was unable to find a replacement for Erin.

Crowbar is correct.

Erin Toughill + WEC = perfect fit.

If things go the way they are SUPPOSED to - I'll be on the September card....

Crowbar + Erin = Perfect Couple :-)

Erin don`t let what I said bother you.I was just joking.I have a wonderful girlfriend. :-)

I'd love to see Erin Toughill fight as well. I think for average fans to see skilled females fight (it doesn't hurt if they look good) is good for the sport.

Peter P

WTF?! PICS?????