Erica Montoya

anyone know the contact info?


haven't been paying attention to any of my other threads I see.

If you didn't notice, I also asked for Arlovskis contact info, does that also mean I want a date?

Why not he is hot.

oh man

you can get a hold of her there.

Or post this on chris brennans Q and A forum which is on this site

I asked for Erica's and Andrei's, because I have an email for them both.

k I'll 'take it easy'

I still don't get U8Dust's profile.



What is there not to get? It states the truth.

I have a tough time believing that. LOL!

Then go to hell.

lol jk.

Nah I had my REAL info in it not too long ago, but I figured I'd hype it up a 'bit' and see if I'd get any feedback about it.

I believe this part about his profile, but not the rest of it. "Hobbies: Video Games"

At least you have something. So many people leave them blank. For myself it's always nice to click on them and see something about people I'm posting with.

ttt for ms erica!

You wouldn't believe how many skinny little Navy recruits I saw come through Great Lakes during my instructor tour there who had almost identical lists of their hobbies/accomplishments, and were also only 18. Are you saying an 18yo can't be a multi-art blackbelt? I'm crushed...

Whazzup, big guy? You forgot to get my email:

Let me know when Global brings Paulson back in, okay?


TTT for Erica Montoya being one kick ass fighter!!

I clicked on this thread expecting to see some pics. What a waste of fucking time! Damn you all! Damn you all to hell.


Isn't that such a let down when that happens?

julesk hitting the big 10's all downhill from here...

Ye---aaaaay, dawg; I'm reelin' em in