Erica Montoya?

Anyone know if she still trains?

she always beats me in sudden impact

last i heard she is going to school and finishing her degree

Anyone care to elaborate on the rule pertaining to mentioning a female name in a thread title and posting a picture of the forementioned female?????

C'mon Hotspar, you've been a member since 2002, you should know better. Thanks and your welcome, Jon

"she always beats me in sudden impact"

Me too. What a bitch, when I do champions road and I see I have to fight her, I reset it till I get one w/out her on it. They made her way too good, I use her to play my friends and never lose.

My bad HYBRID are so right. Been around since 2002 and a mudnamer at that!!! Here's a link though:

I heard she's still chasing the 6-fingered man...

ask russ murra or chris brennan who posts here.


No prob HotSpar I have nothing against mudnamers but, I think you can do better than that pic. Ericas a lovely girl and that pic ain't doin her justice. Give it another shot and show us a lil effort this time ;-) Thanks, Jon

here's a pic i took with her last year at the ADCC. shes pretty fucking cute in person. bluenamer, if you would...

God... Must I lead by example?!?! Blue namer please, Erica is in the Pink. Thanks and your welcome, Jon

^^ Thank You!

You're all VERY welcome! Takes a bow Jon


I guess I didn't look around hard enough.