Erik Charles vs. Dante Rivera

Erik "Chainsaw" Charles will fight Dante Rivera for the vacant NABC 185lb title at Cage Fury III Jan. 19th. Picks? Thoughts?


whats is charles' record and who has he fought?


Definitely Dante..."chainsaw" better sharpen his chain if he thinks he's gonna cut through Dante.

May the lord be your sheperd

Best of Luck to Eric. I have reffed many of his fights and he is a great fighter to watch. Nasty kicks and quick hands!

Kevin the ref

good luck Dante


Chainsaw for the win.

For those of you that have never seen Erik fight here's a little sample. Does not include footage from his last 2 first rd. TKOs


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after watching this video, I am now 100% sure Dante will destroy this kid

what is Erics record?

Good Luck to both fighters!!!

I believe Eric is 5-2...He's an excellently skilled fighter...

This was from a previous article that I had wrote:

"The CNYMMA/Bombsquad camp has earned in a new fan in myself, by watching Eric Charles' dominant performance over Eric Brown...From start to finish, Charles was completely relaxed and demonstrated a poise synonymous with his winning ways...His striking was extremely sharp and his BJJ was smooth as well...Brown is a tough guy and always looks to bang with his opponents, but he was "out-worked" by Charles in a dominating fashion...I was utterly impressed with Charles' seamless transition from stand-up to wrestling and back to stand up again...The fight was stopped due to a cut on Brown that the referee concluded that he was unable to continue...Brown looked ready to continue however, the contest was stopped...I look forward to seeing more of Erik Charles banging away in the ring in the near future..."

I don't know much about the other guy, but Eric Charles/Russell is about as smooth as they come...

the video's not bad at all...too much talk, but good skills. bad ass shorts, too....aren't those by HENCHMEN Fightwear?....

The Train- After watching Eric dominating a bunch of people, you decided he can't win? how long have you known Rivera?



Eric has to get by my guy 1st- if he is looking past Mike Laliberte (5-0) he wont make it through the 1st. Out of Mikes 5 wins 4 are 1st round subs.

I'm picking Dante. He's too well rounded and a polished experienced fighter.