Erik Paulson ADCC

I know he competed. How did he do and who did he lose to and how? Any description of his match is appreciated.

he got played with my xandre ribiero. lost by A LOT of points. so much for all those fancy leg locks.

he got played? I didn't think anyone could tool this guy, but i guess i was wrong.

I'm thinking his submission over position approach like Rumina Sato, would not be effective in adcc tournaments.

TCT: Nice hating.

Personally, I don't dig points victories. If you're so much more technical than someone, finish them!

I still say that he is easily one fo the greatest instructors out there right now.

And how can you criticize anyone who lost to Xande?


I think the class is where you prove your instructing abilities. Erik Paulson is very very good grappler, perhaps just not adcc champ material. But this has no reflection on his abilities to teach and the amount of knowledge he has.

He was the Shooto Light Heavyweight Champ. He loses one grappling match to a great grappler and suddenly he sucks now?

I have trained with a LOT of top-level instructors and if I could choose
only one person to be my coach it would be Erik. With that said, I have
not seen his fight in ADCC. Have any of the people who posted here
seen that fight? If so, can you describe it?


that's what I was looking for, a description. I have no doubts about his top game, I'm just curious about his guard game.

he was constantly on the defense...barely escaping. guard passed over and over.

who are any of his students worth noting? im talking about guys who train exclusively under him.

First of all, anyone can have a bad day. He also ended up fighting up a weight class to make room for someone he knew in the next weight class down. And finally I agree with CBK - he is a fantastic coach - one of the best I have ever trained under.

I don't live in L.A. so I don't really know the guys who train mainly with him. Most of his students DO train with other people as well, and are encouraged to do so by Erik (which is a rare quality in a coach).

If you want to talk about people that he's helped train, how about Randy Couture? The two trained together before Couture-Belfort I and if you watch that fight, and are familiar with Erik's 'Survival Drilling', you can clearly see the influence that Erik had on Randy's technique.

Stephan Kesting

great post stephan


Can you describe survival drilling?

Erik is currently training Ken Shamrock for his Tank fight.

Boo to all the Paulson haters. Theres no shame in losing to a legit BJJ Blackbelt. Especially to one with the last name of Ribeiro.

He lost to the same guy that Dean Lister lost to, and i don't see anyone ever flaming Lister

"Sean Sherk trains with Erik. A LOT."

Really? You sure about that? Where does this stuff come from?

Sean does not train with Erik. I don't think he ever even has.

Sean does train under Greg Nelson, who is Erik's only full instructor.

Sean also trains under Pedro Sauer.


Sean has trained with Erik. The UFC, during Sherk's last appearance, played a bunch of training tape (Sherk's tape) . . . Who was the guy they showed repeatedly working with Sherk? Erik Paulson.

I have never heard of Professor Suer training Sherk for a fight. Sherk may have worked out with him on occasion when Pedro put on a seminar at Khru Nelson's but I honestly dobt Pedro has made the trip to train Sherk, like Erik Paulson has, or that Sean has made the trip to SLC to train with Pedro.

Sherk's instructor, Greg Nelson, is a CSW rep and one of Pedro Sauer's blackbelt; however, he has also been fighting cancer for some time now and has only recently began teaching classes again (although he did teach some clinch work at the last TBA Muay Thai retreat . . . he was still walking with a cane at the time).

Paulson has worked with sherk regularly, partially due to Khru Nelson's illness and partially due to the fact that Erik Paulson has a much more MMA focused curriculum and experience training fighters (as opposed to Professor Sauer's experience as a Jiu-Jitsu coach).

What on earth are you talking about???

Erik has NEVER come to Minn to help Sean train. I know because I have the scars from our training sessions.

The guys in the video prior to Sean's UFC fight with Hughes were ME, Tom Schmitz, Brock Larson and Klint Klaas.

I have been Sean's training partner for EVERY of his last 18+ fights and have been his corner man for his UFC and Pride fights. Who was there working there ass off with Sean? Not Erik Paulson.

During Greg's absence we all trained eachother. Nobody stepped up to pick up Greg's slack. Just us. We trained eachother.

Erik Paulson was never there, aside from a two day seminar over Christmas (which Sean did not attend).

Sean's jiu jitsu is Pedro Sauer Jiu Jitsu.

To say Pedro's jiu jitsu is not MMA jiu jitsu is a complete insult to Rickson and Helio Gracie. That pisses me off.

Sean has worked more with David Camarillo then he has Erik.

Erik is a GREAT teacher and a has an unmatched wealth of knowledge. I would recommend people to check him out.

You just gotta give credit were it is due.

How long has Sean been training with Greg? How long has Greg been bringing Pedro Sauer out to train there?

I ask because I'm just not sure. I do know that Pedro has sent students out before. And I'm fairly sure that Khru Nelson has been associated with Erik Paulson for considerably longer than he has been with Professor Sauer.

And professor Sauer is a great coach. Get that, a great coach? Does he teach striking? Nope. Well, nothing you'd use in the ring.

Has Prof. Sauer ever done MMA? And perhaps we shouldn't bring up that closed door fight against the body builder, I've seen it.

And how is my saying that Professor Sauer is more of a sport Jiu-Jitsu coach really an insult to Rickson or Professor Helio when Proffessor Sauer is no longer associated with either of them. Do you think they approve of everything he does, or perhaps they actally direct his curriculum for Professor Sauer . . . mabye then my statement would be an insult? Professor Sauer teaches what he knows, and he's good at it. If it pisses you off then that's your issue. I first trained with Professor Sauer almost eight years ago, I know what the man teaches. Can someone become a decent MMA fighter using what Professor Sauer teaches? Hell yes, look at Jeff Curran. I still say he (Prof. Sauer) is more of a sport Jiu-Jitsu coach.

If you've trained with Sean for his fights then I envy you, and perhaps I am mistaken about Erik being in the video (I've got to rewatch the video now) or Sean working with Erik on occasion . . . my information largely came form people who are associated with Khru Nelson through the TBA and not directly associated with Sean.

On a different note, I haven't heard anything about Khru Nelson's health for a while . . . is he in remission?