Erik Paulson seminars in Canada

Erik Paulson will be visiting Ontario early next month (January 05) to
conduct a series of workshops. I don't know all of the details so I will
let the individual hosts post their own particulars.


Mixed Martial Arts Workshop in Kingston

Friday, January 14, 2005

6:30 PM-9:30 PM

Cost: 79.00 + GST

Call 613-547-2822 for more info.

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TTT for CBK and all the seminars they host. You will not find a better host anywhere. Their gym is HUGE and amazing. Mike & Rebecca "The Terminator" Sweeney are class acts!

Erik Paulson is a top guy and everyone should train with him at least once! He will do nothing but add to your game.

This seminar is a "must go to"!!!

Damn my knee, damn my knee to HELL!!!!!

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Thanks Jeff. Vito is organizing this one though... we are just along for
the ride.


Then I take everything back. You guys suck!!!

Just joking.

TTT for Vito who is another class act! I still have to thank him for helping me out when my uncle died around the same time he hosted the Jean-Jaques Machado seminar. To me, Vito's a saint!!!

Erik Paulson will be at GAMMA in Montreal on Sunday, January 16.

We will be going from 12 noon.

Associated costs to follow.



Erik is the real deal. Sooo much knowledge in that head of his. As technical as you can imagine. Great stories too, funny as fuck.


So many great seminars in Canada this year already!