Erin Beach got KOed on TV in 8secs

This is the guy who apparently KO'd George Sotiropulous on the set of "The Smashes"

He was on TUF live and got KO'd by Sam Sicillia in an elimination fight to get into the house

Do you think this story was fabricated or exaggerated to try and make him look like a tough guy to compensate for his poor showing on TV?

It's just another angle to think about as we have no proof that this event actually happened.

That was a quick stoppage but yeah, Sam got him with a good right. I remember that it was more of a TKO than a KO. I've heard people speak well of Erin, but that's the only fight I've seen of his so far.

Looking at his record and he has a decision win with the scores being 29/28 29/28 and 30/25... Confusing :/ Phone Post

well often judges are not all that they should be

maybe he had something really bad on Mr. 30/25 ;)