Erin Toughill Interview & Photos

As many of you know, Erin Toughill is a professional boxer & MMA fighter. She's also a regular on the Underground. We spoke at length with Erin on a number of subjects last week. Erin is focused, interesting and a rising star in women's professinoal fighting. Check it out:Beautiful But Deadly - Erin ToughillThank you, Erin, for sending the photos and for a great interview.


Congrats to James Boran!

LOL at my "sexy pics"

Mike - I did not get to thank you for the interview. I liked it - it turned out it on the UG too or just the ProGround? Anyways, thanks and I'll let you know about my next fight!

I think James is lucky ;)

Great pics for sure!

Erin Looks Hot As HEll!!

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Interesting story...I manage a GNC. It's one of the smaller stores, and keeping the place in shape is cake. I keep books and magazines on hand, so I have something to read during the slow parts of the day.One day, I was reading Renzo's Mastering Jujutsu (written by "New Zealand" John Danaher), when a female customer came up and asked me about the book. I explained that I do FMA and BJJ, and gave her a quick history lesson. The stuff regarding MMA/NHB sorta freaked her out, and she asked if "any girls do that sort of thing."I said, "Oh, yeah--most definitely!", but I had no "visual aids" (ie., pics of female MMA fighters) to show her.Anyway, I now keep a magazine with an Erin Toughill interview (an old copy of Grappling, IIRC) in the store, so that folks can see the real deal, so to speak.BTW Erin, nice pics!Peace,TFS

lol My computer is really slow, so pictures load little bits at a time, at first I thought that was a bottle of Jager beside you in the top pic.

"LOL at my "sexy pics""

And yes they are sexy!


That third pic is a killer.