Erin Toughill Offered Cristiane Cyborg Fight

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According to Toughill's agent, Ken Pavia, she has an offer on the table to join Strikeforce's stable of female fighters. "While we're weighing all our options, Strikeforce is a very attractive one," Pavia told FanHouse. Toughill was originally offered to fight Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos on the April 11 Strikeforce card, but wanted a little more time to train for one of the best female fighters in the world.

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 this is a good idea.

i dont know anything about womens mma, but wont toughill smash her?


If she takes it, she'll win.

 Fuck, lets see Gina vs Cyborg already so I can stop giving a fuck about womens MMA.

Cyborg wins imo.

wrong thread,

 PLEASE sign the contract Erin.

After you squash Santos, you will be sitting pretty for a shot at Gina and the chance to be the woman who beat 'The Face' of women's MMA..

lol. I think Cyborg is too much.

Her penis is hanging out.

colesdaddyismydaddy - wasnt she one of the biggest mouths whining about gina getting big fights with no name and ducking tough comp? now shes ducking cyborg? shes tucking, literally.

 You sir are correct.

No... Just no. LOL.

 love to see both of them face off in top form. THAT would be a good fight & good for womens MMA

Yes, I was offered and Yes I declined.

I needed "time" to make sure I was going to be comfortable @ 145 lbs. I have never ducked anyone in boxing or MMA. Whether I have won or lost, I have always stepped up to fight. In ten years as a professional, I have fought between 160 to 170 lbs. I just fought Friday May 8th for PFC and won. I fought at 145 lbs, and it was not the easiest cut, but I also had 2 back to back fights with the PFC before that one. Nov 2008 @ 150 lbs and Feb 2009 @ 148. So the plan was for me to acclimate and see how I felt @ 145 lbs.

Although I won Friday Via UD, I was more than a bit drained on this cut. But now I get a few months off from hard training, and I can start a camp injury free combined with a great nutrition plan, then it will be perfect.

Why would I take a fight with someone; Gina Carano, Marloes Coneon, any top female fighter, @ 20 pounds BELOW what I normally fight before seeing how I fair with a "lesser" opponent at the same weight? Anyone who does not understand that would be an idiot.

If we agree to fight @ 145 lbs, then I will fight her. I just racked up my 10th MMA win. And besides a DQ loss in 2004, I have not had a loss since 2000 against a woman 2x my size. I will be more than happy to fight, and this is a fight I believe I can win, and I will win. Cyborg is a great competitor, but so am I. May the best woman win.

Coles Daddy...u are WRONG. I believe you have me mixed up with Tara, perhaps? Gina is a friend of mine and I never said anything about me being upset about her getting "big time" fights. I said any female MMAer would want the same opportunity. But I never bashed her like that. I had commented on her not making weight several times, but that's it.

GirlJock, yes, you are right. This last cut did drain me. Fighting 3x back to back plus the weight cut was definitely hard LOL But I think with some time off, and having enough time to be healthy with the weight loss, I will be good to go!

Girljock -  Does it have to be at 145? Might be easier on both involved if it was at 148 or 150.

Glad I can see you fight....

 I was wondering that myself.  Doesn't seem like 145 is all that easy for Cyborg either.


Would be better then Cyborg missing weight again. ^^

 If you can schedule the fight around Cyborg's "cycle", 150 shouldn't be a problem.