Erin Toughill x Anne Wolfe

Hello -

For those who might not have known about the fight - or for those who wanted to know the outcome of the fight...Anne Wolfe PULLED OUT right before the fight infront of a sold out crowd in Kinder,Louisiana. Wolfe was born near there and EVERYONE came to see her fight.

There were 6 fights in all (3 female) w/ ours being the main event. Sunshine Fettkther fought Eliza Olson to a 10 round maj. draw in what was the fight of the night. Mia St. John fought Regan Pudwill and beat her via UD. I was supposed to fight multiple belt holder and world champ Anne "Brown Sugar" Wolfe
(16-1 11 KO's) but she pulled out from a last minute illness or injury - I am not sure which. I hope she has a speedy recovery and I look forward to fighting her soon.

Thanks for the support!!
Erin Toughill

tough break, ttt for the fight happening soon

hey Erin why not fight for smackgirl?

that sucks but happens from time to time. Hope to see you fight again soon

That sucks oh well,

Whos next on your list Erin?

Hey Erin!


hey erin that really bites!!! good luck finding another match.

for those interested, while searching for more information on this last minute "sickness", i found an article/interview or erin's from women's inside boxing.

Hey Erin scanning some pictures for you check your email soon!

Well that sucks! Did she give an explanation for pulling out of the fight?

ttt for Erin,

We are trying to find a fight for her that makes sense for an upcoming FFC show.

Rob Braniff

ttt, congrats!

Good Luck Erin!

Your friends from LAB


Pro boxing?

tough break. If it makes you feel any better Ali pulled out the day of the fight against her last opponent too

It was a PRO BOXING card.

Rob - I'm gonna drop you and email

You can look this girl up on - she is the real deal....there is also a writeup on - you can read more about the "sickness"

It defintely DOES happen - but not like this. I knew she was already in talks to fight Vonda Ward on PPV - and that she also wanted to fight Ali. They were already looking way past me. They thought I was gonna be some out of shape soup can that they could walk right through to build their record. But that was just not the case....

ttt for Erin.

well that's shady but it happens in boxing all the time. Apparently Ali's opponent flew to Africa from England and didn't find out that Ali wasn't fighting til the event started, just for comparison. Hopefully you'll be able to get another opponent soon so all that training time doesn't go to waste

I am very happy for Erin being on the "pro" circuit but I would like to see her and other women more in MMA. Women in boxing have been somewhat mainstream for a while, but I would love to see MMA embrace women with such vigor. I read from time to time on the UG regarding the quality of women fights in MMA. Although I do cringe sometimes, most women MMA'ers are tough as shit. In my opinion more conditioned than most women athletes. I hope to see more women in MMA. Go get em Erin, thanks for putting it out there for us.