Erin Toughill x Anne Wolfe

Thats to bad Erin. Best of luck :-)

hey girly how are you? good to see you back in action well it would have been nice.but i will be out there on feb 18-20 at the gym for my fight in kotc on feb see you there.

chad washburn

bloodchic - if I could stay busy w/ the MMA then I most likely would not be dedicating all my time to boxing. There are just not alot of chances for us to showcase our talents. I hope that I am helping pave the way at least. I am sure in the next several years it'll be way more popular. Just gotta keep training!

Chad - I am gonna try to make it. Most likely will.

Sexz - sent you an email w/ pix. If you know how to post pix on here we can see some from the weigh in's etc....

better luck next time!
Best wishes!

Erin thanks for the pictures you're so beautiful I'm jealous I will upload them to my server and post them. :)

I guess we can be jealous together!