Ernest Ramirez billboard: The COVID-19 vaccine killed my son ☹️

One can also argue as to how many the vaccine had saved. And remember the vaccine is voluntary

No its not wtf is this shit? Get your life ruined and lose all your freedom if u dont comply is not voluntary jesus fucking christ man.


U got the vaccine yes?

Of course the dumb pussy did.


Youre clearly one of the most intelligent members on the forum.

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Yes. It was voluntary. Sure jobs might require it but as many in here say, fuck those companies , you shouldn’t be working for them anyway. And in this case here, why was a vaccine required for this 16 year old? Job?

Perfect example of the dunces who got this crap lol.

I cant leave the country without it? I cant go on a plane? I lose my mobility rights?


Yep. Voluntarily. No adverse reaction, no Covid. Talked to my doctor and he recommended I get it

Plus how about kids not allowed in college unless vaxed?


Are you immunocompromised?

And the vax does nothing to prevent transmission as it was intended to do, aka the purpose of a fucking vaccine, so dont u tell me u didnt get covid because of the vax.

Yes it can hinder things. But what’s more important to you, traveling to Tim buck two, or risk dying? Same with masks. I only wear them if required

For kids, the number saved is minuscule. From Pfizer’s own data on kids age 5-11, every 1M kids vaccinated would only prevent 1 death.

You can make the argument that the vaccines were helpful for the high risk individuals (old, obese, serious comorbidities). But healthy kids needing vaccination is an unreasonable argument. Even more so now that we know the vaccines don’t prevent transmission or infection. No one is “saving Grandma” by getting vaccinated.


Freedom is paramount. Period. If you dont believe that to be true, you should be living in communist china or north korea. Masks are also fucking useless and damaging to society, particularly children.


I agree it has shown that it doesn’t prevent transmission. But in a way it helps with the herd immunity effect. Maybe that’s why the bad Covid cases are so so low

Maybe thats why covid is still here and mutating because of these vaccines that were rushed and not studied thoroughly.

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Yep. Freedom and freedom to choose

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How Pfizer and Blackrock gonna own everything if kids don’t get the vaccine?

Trust the experts.

No, not those ones. The ones on your TV!


Cheers we can agree on that at least. These vaccine mandates are an existential threat to humanity btw.