Ernest Ramirez billboard: The COVID-19 vaccine killed my son ☹️

Cases, or claims?

Again I staying to the thread subject, what about the heart size. Pre-existing?

This is a totally valid question.

When people who had cancer or who were old die of covid, the anti-vaxxers say that they didn’t die of covid, that it was the cancer or their old age that killed them.

But when people die of the vaccine, it’s always the vaccine, and nothing else.

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So are you saying the myocarditis warning is fake? Not necessary? It’s not real?

Why is it there? Are you saying they’re lying about the risk?

Where did I say that?

The vaccine definitely causes some negative side effects. There is absolutely no denying that.

Why do you think they keep you for 15 minutes after vaccination?

There really is no valid medical reason for teenagers to get the vaccine and take the risk of adverse side-effects. Sadly, i believe most of them that do get it are doing it at the urging of their cowardly parents who are afraid the teenager will contract it and pass it on to them not for the benefit of their child.


people should have their hearts checked prior to vaccination

What is the side effect? Enlarging the heart to twice it’s size?

Myocarditis, pericarditis. Weve known this for over a year now.

^ everybody who got this crap shot.

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Why is your profile hidden?

Can you detect myocarditis within 15 minutes?

Anyway… If something is proven to cause some condition… And if a person gets that condition within a realistic timeframe after taking that something… We should be working under the presumption that it was caused by the something.

Now of course it’s reasonable to ask if it could be something else… But until it’s proven to be something else then still most likely answer is the something that’s proven.

In this case it’s very reasonable to assume the vaccine which has a literal warning against myocarditis (which causes heart enlargement) for boys in his age group… is what caused it. It’s quite unreasonable to assume it was something else… but it’s not unreasonable to ask if it’s possible it was something else as long as you acknowledge it was likely the vaccine.

And this isn’t the same as the issue with COVID fatalities being falsely labelled.

You had people in hospice care for cancer getting labelled COVID deaths.

People dying from surgery complications being labelled COVID deaths.

That’s not the same thing.

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My 3 niece and nephews all got vaxxed. I explained to my brother it’s not worth the risk by any stretch but I’m not surprised they went ahead since the scary wife wears the pants.

For those who don’t know this Ramirez kid had a heart attack on the basketball court and died a few hours after. Kids (or maybe just people with strong immune systems?) shouldn’t exercise for a while after getting it.

LMAO! If conservatives really wanted liberals heads to explode they should have pushed mandates on this just for the lolz. Which virtue signal would win?

Man, GoFundMe is really a fucking biased shit hole of an organization now.

Sure, a lot of people in need have benefited from the platform they provide, I donated to one for a guy I know with cancer a few months ago, but now they are cancelling benefits for anyone they feel like, if the cause might go against the narrative of the democrats.

The nutty part is that this particular one is a minority that died by the hand of a multi billion corp, which im assuming is owned and run by rich 1% Caucasians. Imagine that. Ok, allegedly died by their hand

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I like it that way. I’m a very private person……. Whatcha want to know? I’ve been with this place even before it was his place.

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Rushinbear is like a ninja you don’t see him but he damn sure sees you

Pfuck Pfizer