Ernest Ramirez billboard: The COVID-19 vaccine killed my son ☹️

So you can’t ignore him, it’s how the trolls avoid being ignored.

Sure its technically voluntary, but let’s say you worked at your job for 30 years and are nearing retirement, but if you don’t get the vaccine you get fired. Or youre a college student in year 3 or 4 but you cant even attend class if you dont get vaccinated. Those are just 2 exanples of many. .Sure you don’t have to get it, but to frame it as completely voluntary is pretty disingenuous imo


I agree to a degree but very very few people got the vaccine because of those things, once they implemented restrictions on unvaccinated they only bumped the numbers up a couple percent… most vaccinated people got vaccinated by choice.

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You might be right. My 1st example was just what my mom went through. Worked the same job since the mid 80s and is gonna retire in 2 years but would have been fired if she didnt get it. She got it last November and came down with covid less than a week later.

I actually just interviewed for a new job that requires the vaccine…had to go for it as I’ll make a good bit more than I currently do, but if they dont accept my exemption I’m turning it down. Obviously my choice but the fact I even have to deal with that bullshit pisses me off.


Sure. Some idiotic places demanded one have a Covid vaccine as part of their job. But here we have a 16 year old. Why did he get it

Because his parents failed the dunce test.


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You make it sound like its rare. Its not.

And I dont know the specifics of the OP but having Dr’s and politicians constantly pushing this bullshit every time you turn on the tv or radio probably didnt help.


Not to mention it was probably also drilled into his head at school that he needed to get it so he doesn’t kill his grandparents. The way this vaccine has been pushed on people is down right pathetic.


Its heinous.

Yeah, evil is probably a better word than pathetic.

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I thought it was mostly federal related jobs that Biden mandated

I think some one in this site posted they quit because their job required it

Lots of private companies too, at least at the beginning. Pretty much all hospitals required it. Almost all college universities require it, I think even Walmart required it…may have been dropped there now though.

I certainly can see why a hospital might require it. The rest is stupid.

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At the beginning I could understand that too…but it quit making sense after we found out it does basically nothing to stop the spread and they refused to take natural immunity into account.

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Well at least you’re not completely retarded.

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Thanks. Good thing this coin flip gets is right 50% of the time

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Yes the natural immunity thing was the most telling thing. We have had so much data showing it’s more effective or at least as effective as vaccine immunity right from the beginning… There was never a moment in time when there was a valid reason to believe vaccine immunity was stronger.