Errol Spence Jr. vs. Terence Crawford Set For Undisputed Welterweight Title Fight On July 29

Crawford is 35 and Earl Is 33

And I think Crawford will be 36 when the fight happens

Give me Crawford. Something has always seemed off with ol DTOWN Earl.


I agree with atlas on this.

This is one hell of a fight! I’m finally glad these guys are stepping up and fighting each other.

Even though Haney and loma was a robbery; atleast they fought each other!

Tank vs Garcia atleast they fought each other!

You haven’t been seeing to much of this since wilder vs fury!

Keep it coming!


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Errol is the best boxer going today and the training he does is unmatched in boxing or MMA.

I don’t think the fight will look close by round five. I’m biased as hell but I will be backing my opinion with my money

My thoughts exactly.

This match should’ve happened years ago. I guess when mega fights (or least hugely hyped fights) like Fury-Wilder and recently Tank-Garcia finally materialized, it shamed Spence-Crawford into happening.

Crawford turns 36 in September, and I’m convinced Team Spence waited for an older version before accepting.

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Both of these dudes are slow starters. I’m not sure we’ll have a clear picture either way by 5. My gut says Bud by stoppage 10-12. However, Spence has a world class jab and some of the best smart pressure and inside instincts I think I’ve ever seen.

Errol’s defensive ability is underrated He’s rarely there to be hit. Porter landed some big shots but I think it was due to style of fight they decided to engage in.

I don’t think Errol will wang with Bud. I think he will stay forward and stay on the body early.

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Totally agree and it’s not from him staying at distance. He’s in the fire but he has these little movements and tendencies that keep him from getting touched. It’s hard to even describe what he’s doing. I think he got touched with Porter just because Porter is a buzzsaw with ridiculous volume. Something is getting through.

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I’m just glad we are getting this fight. Would have been a shame for both fighters legacies to have never boxed one another


He uses his physical strength(and skills) to frame people and manipulate their guard on the inside. He’s the best inside fighter in the sport besides Bierterbev. Chis Algeri said Errol was so strong on the inside it felt like he had an exoskeleton.


Spence definitely looks like the bigger man. He has a huge back for a welterweight.

Yep. He’s really good at staying in the pocket, throwing and not getting hit. Having the frame to compete @ 154 or even 160 doesn’t hurt either.