Error in Kodokan Judo

Page 33 says "teechniques", rather than "techniques".

*goes to check*

Wallid Ishmael was the spell checker..

You unnastand cheeken?

Never noticed but i just checked and yup, teechniques.

I have read that thing literally hundreds of times over the years.

Funny that I just now noticed it.

Not a chance. That is my Holy Bible, in not so many words.

Before I owned it, I would check it out from the library, over and over.

Never get tired of reading it.

My '94 version is spelled correctly.

I have been looking for old judo books at antique malls lately (my gf drags me to them), havnt found any yet though...I did find an atiquated tao te ching.

Quincy, also check small town local libraries..

places where "neawza" mania hasn't hit them.. they still think karate is the book to get..