ERYK ANDERS from CHAMPIONS wins another belt

This weekend Feb.16th CHAMPIONS FREESTYLE MMA fighter Eryk Anders eyes gold and brings it home to Alabama.Eryk fought a huge Paul Rainey for the V3 lightheavy belt .ERYK gets better every fight. He beat Undefeated Paul Rainey who was labeled as one of the best 205ers out of Tenn. and Miss. IT was the co-main event and a very entertaining first round. Eryk dominated him and wins his second title belt in one month. CONGRATS TO Eryk Anders,coach Jon Dye,coach Rod Rodderick and the rest of Champions fighters.

Congrats to Eryk Anders,Jon Dye and the entire coaching staff.Great job Champions!

The man is awesome and getting better. Let's do the Iron Bowel (Alabama/Auburn) and get Eryk Anders vs Malcolm Hardman. Looks like a sell out, especially in Tuscaloosa. Can I get a Roll Tide!

Well Eryk and Malcolm will never happen. I actually manage both fighters, and Auburn MMA and Champions cross train regularly.
Eryk is at a much, much higher level than Malcolm, but that doesn't mean with a regular training schedule they both couldn't be around the same level.
Also Malcolm is a natural 205 and Eryk is really a 185 guy, which is most likely where he'll spend his pro career.
Champions does a great job, and its a privilege to work with them, and have the opportunity to book their fights. There are names in that gym that never get mentioned here that are really special athletes. I encourage anybody to get over there on a Saturday and check them out.