Escape from Bicep Crush

I created another thread stating how I like the bicep crush from spider guard. I've seen Garcia's series and how he shows a version from standard guard.

Does anyone know how to get out of these attacks?


ttt for this because my friend always starts off our rollsa with this and if he gets it locked in, we stalemate for a long time. so i have learned that the best defense is nto to get in it, but i'd like to know too... once you're in, how do you escape from it?

from my experience doing it, the people who get out generally do one of a few things:

  1. they never try to pass my guard when i get it. they stay by my feet support their elbow with a thigh so i cant bend it and either pull back or stand up.

  2. they stay by my feet and focus on breaking my grip from their sleeve so they can free their arm.

  3. they get past the guard, stand up in an explsion and pull their arm out while using their knees on my chest to extend me.

  4. are immune to pain

  5. inniatiate the movements they know i want before i do so that i am forced to follow them and eventually it loosens up.

just take a step over his head with one leg so the back of your knee ends up under his chin and its worthless