Escape From Tarkov...anyonone play? (PC)

Nice! What I’m really looking forward to is whatever the rumored “campaign” will be.
I think it would be pretty cool if you have to go through the levels sequentially against AI only, with some kind of missions along the way.

Last I heard nobody actually knew what the campaign will actually be though.

There isnt really a “campaign”, but basically there are traders you do tasks for. They give you rewards and experience. Right now theres no real idea of what the “end game” is other than getting the largest secure container. Theres no sequential levels or anything, you have to go to specific maps to complete tasks.

Right, but on some podcasts or something, Nikita has mentioned that there will be a campaign of some sort in the end. It’s just that nobody knows what that will look like.

Ohhhh. I wasn’t aware of that. My bad.

I thought skill deterioration was off for beta?

I do t know if they will ever ‘finish’ it. They keep dreaming up new ideas, faster than they add existing ones