Escape Plan plot hole ?s (spoilers)

I went into it with REALLY low expectations; I'm not even sure why I'm bothering to put any thought at all into this, BUT:

Anyone able to explain the basic premise outside of a silly plot device?

Why bother with the prison? Why not just kill all the prisoners? They clearly have the ability. What's the motive for this place even existing?

2 Why does the daily life on this impenetrable, off the grid, no human rights havin' prison look just like daily life in American television prison, & not hole in the ground, go fuck yourself forever, daily near death beating, drinking your own urine to survive Turkish prison?

3 Umm, dude failed to break out.

Guess no one else has seen this. Let's keep it that way.

dude its a throwback to 80s action flicks, who gives a shit? the whole theatre came when arnie grabbed that gun off tge choppa and went commando... took my kid to see it fuckin loved it Phone Post

Again, I get it, but c'mon. 80s action doesn't necessarily mean B movie or lousy premise. Finally getting those two together deserved a better idea. I'm not saying it had to be First Blood or Terminator but Fortress or Wedlock is way too far the other direction. Just keeping it at the level of the opening sequence would have kept the premise serviceable.

FWIW the choppa could have been written into just about any plot & it still would work.