I saw a post asking how to escape a triangle choke once it has already been applied. Here are my favorite escapes. Hope this helps.

Ryan Bow

Many ways to escape. Rule one: DONT SLAM.

1. Insert your knee in between u and his butt, into his groin. This will create space. Next. slip ur arm which has probably been crossed to finish the choke back to the center. Inserting ur fingers first, slip ur arm back through the space u made with ur knee and grip ur hands together. Last, lower ur upperbody and back out, releasing the pressure on ur neck.

2. When u get trapped in the triangle, Hook ur arm that has been trpped outwards around ur opponents leg; therefore relieving the pressure on ur throat. insert ur knee(opposite side of the body of the arm u looped around the leg). Put ur opposite hand on their stomach. Push while u back out of the triangle and attack witha leg lock of ur own.

3. When u get trapped in the triangle, Hook ur arm that has been trpped outwards around ur opponents leg; therefore relieving the pressure on ur throat. insert ur knee(opposite side of the body of the arm u looped around the leg)(same as no. 2) Lay shoot ur hip back and apply ur weight onto ur opponents leg(the one that is used to hook the other which has been placed along the back of ur neck. Thus opening ur opponents legs and allowing u to pass to side pos.

4. Once ur opponet has locked his legs quickly shoot ur arm(and shoulder) forward and place ur palm down flat on the mat beside ur opponents head(same side as ur opponents hooking leg is on.) and grip his hip with ur other hand. Scoop ur opponet up so that he is off his back and this pressure is on his neck. Next apply all ur weight forward and circle ur leg outside ur opponents body thus appling pressure on ur opponets leg that has been draped over the back of ur neck and forcing his legs to open. Then pass guard to side.

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to escape the triangle ask mark coleman

I stand corrected, my memory did fail me! I just went back and watched it.

Bullet Tooth Tony and Todd Atkins you are right!


show me some video clips of these escapes

If my memory is correct, Sakuraba had V. Silva in a Triangle when Silva picked him up and slammed him and that is when Sakuraba messed up his shoulder.

P.S. If that is incorrect someone please let me know.

It was a guillotine.

a few more -
first hing you need to do is get your hips under his hips and get your back straight. place your caught hand (left say right) on his right hip put your left hand on top of your right hand. this stops him getting a arm bar while still holding the triangle. press both your hands hard into his hips while straightening your back and look up at the ceiling. that will loosen his lock enough to start to pull your right arm out from between his legs. gotta watch the arm bar here. but forcing his hips to the ground 90% will stop the arm bar.

if it's really sank deep - your right hand (caught)grabs his left knee (the leg that is behind the other leg)- palm on the inside of his knee/or on his knee cap. drive foward. left hand on the inside of his knee. push on the inside of his knee. this will force his knee away from him. creating a little space - for a video and/pics of this tech chack out - technique section - counter to triangle

Counter to triangle: go to the side of the leg that's around my neck and put my knee on his chest work my way out

Counter to triangle – when he throws his leg over my neck, get my hips under his butt. Good posture. Bear hug his leg and stand. Lift him off the mat by his leg I have bear hugged. Put my forward knee in his ribs. Pass guard.

ttt - for me - it took me so long to write this stuff - i dont want it off the board - LOL


Sorry for the late reply.

Todd, U should come straight out. We gotta hang. I just redid the house. Its phat. I wouldnt mind kicking ur as in some PS2 cause of all the cinnabon jokes,lol.

Ero, 9 times out of 10 the slam will get u armbarred amongst other things. And besides, why learn things the wrong way? It doesnt make much since.

If u r gonna slam someone I think ur better off picking them up and setting them in the corner where u cancontrol there hips, they cant get to the ground to finish, and itll give u time yo back out of it.

no slam because it would be easier for you to learn the right way of getting out which requires much less effort. Also a slam doesn't garantee an escape, look at hallman hughes... best learn the right way.

thanks nhb boy

Grab the belt/back of pants with your free hand. In one quick motion stand up an lift your opponent on to his upper back, from this point roll him over and pull your head and arm out,quickly. He will end up in turtle position. Work the hooks in from there. Try not to slam team mate on his head. Sometimes when you stand up your opponent tries to maintain the triangle.
This could result in a brutal knock out on concrete

Great move for the streets(like someone would catch you
in a triangle on the streets)

John, Yes no. 2 could set u up for uma plata but remember u are staying tight; body to body. And ur aarm is wrapping around his hip and buttocks. Its easy to control your opponents hip movement from this position.

i had the best luck with doing a foward roll and srambling for whatever i can grab ahold of when i come out of the roll i am a hwt. and it worked for me against more exp. bjj players smaller and my size but i dont know if it would work on any one way bigger


This is awesome info. I'm planning on using it! You and I wrestled while you were out training with Frank. Any plans to make it back to the Bay Area?

Big Scott

Ryan doesnt #2 set yourself up for an oma platta?