Escapisim is killing us

Too many people are alive and not living in the real world. Everyone is living through a screen. Drug and alcohol usage is not only rampant, but is increasingly tolerated from the standpoint of social standards. Social interaction and sex are commoditzed is a virtual world. People numbing themselves with Netflix, pornography, and video games. The sheer ubiquity of options for entertainment and distraction allow for people to avoid the real world, deal with it, and plan for the inevitable realities of life that they will eventually have to come face to face with, no longer able to hide from them. And once they arrive at that point, they’ll wonder how they got there. We won’t be able to handle the challenges of the world if we bury our heads in distraction at the first sign of discomfort.

People and general and parents in particular need to start inserting some hardship into their lives and the lives of their children. By trying to give their children an “easy” life and mistaking it for a “good” life, they’ve left their children entirely unprepared for dealing with this world. And these adult-children will revert back to what they grew up doing…escaping…


Drug and alcohol use is lower than it has ever been.

Lol and do you have fake stats for that? Maybe your right but in my city its ramped up even more.

I honestly can walk downtown and probably if I see 100 people, 30 are normal people, the rest are drug addicts, homeless and mental illness or a combo of all.

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The irony of this thread being posted on an internet forum gave me a good laugh.


Yup, we all know op is projecting and is a basement dweller

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Mental illness and obesity are at all time highs


who cares paul rudd GIF

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The statistics seem very uneven, but the average American drank 2.75 gallons of alcohol a year in 1980, and 2.3 gallons in 2019, with little deviation at least since 2000. Alcohol consumption went up during the pandemic, but the no good numbers for that yet. The Founding Fathers drank 5.8 gallons per year.

Underage drinking has clearly gone down.

Obesity yes, I don’t buy that mental illness is though. It being treated more doesn’t mean it is more common.

Do you figure the 100,000 houses you passed on the way downtown to see the 70 homeless addicts were empty, sparky?

Op…You’re saying that like it’s a bad thing.

In all honesty, no one can even define what reality is…

Nah I’m just judging by my eyes and what I see. Obviously I don’t see 600,000 homeless or addicts, but compared to before I saw people without issues and less addicts and homeless.

I did move here from a bigger city but my current city is so far left it’s sideways, it blows my mind, it’s not a knock on these people but they move here because it’s easier to continue being unproductive members of society

Lol ok. I live in a pretty damn garbage area of chicago and your stats are garbage. It’s maybe a percentage of people thst are homeless and addicts.

Stop making shit up.

It’s no worse than it was before and no better. Maybe a slight percentage point

Try closing your eyes & using that empty piece of shit behind them for a second. Jesus fuck what a dope.

OP lives in a city. All of those people he is talking about live in the cities more than anywhere else. You don’t have to have a car when you live in a city. Probably 90% of the people he sees are renters. Everyone is getting extra money from the communists in power as well so there is more drug money to go around. Looking out your window does not indicate the rest of the country. Some of us are smart enough not to pay to live in urine covered buildings with designated nature spots. (lil parks). Most of us know that it isn’t healthy to live there.

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OP suffers from too much weltschmerz.

Funny you say that, I’ve lived in a lot of cities and this one is head and shoulders a known problem, perhaps your city is different. When the police suck and it’s such an issue that your shit will be stolen if it’s not bolted down then talk, use your fucking brain for once and realize I am commenting on a city where I live and you have never been, hell I haven’t even mentioned it so you are trying to say I’m wrong

That shows who the fucking idiot is

Some of you disagree with OP? It’s clear as day.

But, the deeper question, is does it only bring bad stuff?

For example, teen crimes are way down cause they play video games and live online instead of using drugs, drinking, annoying people, etc.

People cope through life’s hardship by escapism. We all die anyway. But no doubt, social bonding, deeper meaningful exchanges, that’s gone way down. Which creates a need for more cheap escapes.

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Good lord. The comment you attacked wasn’t about your city & it wasn’t about homeless addicts. It was about the general population. There is no amount of extra zombie apocalypse addicts on your block that can have any impact on global consumption at all. There simply aren’t enough of them to counterbalance what the other 7 billion+ people are doing.

FWIW I don’t even agree with what Anthony said - drug use is up, alcohol use is down, & neither are even close to an all time low, but your rationale is ill-considered; that’s all I’m calling out here.