Esfiha BJJ wear is here (link)

Ze Mario Esfiha's shirts are here.  They look fantastic.  If anyone wants to buy clothing, please post or contact the club via its website  Right now long and short sleeve tees are available.  Hats and toques coming shortly.....

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Front (above); Back (below)

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wow, very nice looking shirts!


The shirts look great, our in house model Frank the "Tank" was wearing his last evening!!!

Dougie want! DOUGIE WANT!


The shirt looks great!! How much?

Looks great.


Ze Mario is slowly establishing his territory with his gang colours.


Cool shirt!

Yo mang, are dissing the colours vato?


T Shirts are $17.00

Long Sleeves $22.00

I'm coming to get mine in the new year.

Save one for meeeeeee!