Esfiha in Calgary

Esfiha will be in Calgary January 15th to the 20th, teaching at the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Fight Club, #1, 3220 5th Ave NE (Black Dragon Karate and Kickboxing).

He will teach Thursday at 9 PM, Friday at 7 PM, Saturday Esfiha will teach at Red Deer at Arashi-do's Behring Alberta Cup Training Day (see related thread), and Monday at 8 PM. A drop-in fee applies to each class.

On Sunday he will be teaching a 3 hr seminar from 1-4 PM, everyone is welcome to the seminar and classes. The cost of the Seminar is $50.

Please feel free to e-mail me for more info and confirm your attendance at

Um abraco!

Alex Roque

Checkout Esfiha's Website

ttt For Esfiha in Calgary....

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TTT for Esfiha! Great trainig!

valeu Berg me da uma ligada quando puder...
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valeu Alex...

Everyone in Calgary should go Esfiha is the MAN.


TTT for Esfiha!!!

Sylvio Behring

thank u guys...

You guys are lucky, Esfiha's phenominal.

It's not everyday that we get to train with someone of Esfiha's caliber. Me and my students had the opportunity to train with him for one week last time he was here and we learned a lot and our game improved as a result of that training.
I'm hoping noone will pass up this opportunity to train with him this time and see what I mean, the guy will teach you simple techniques that will make a world of difference in your game.

TTT for Esfihao!!

ttt for Esfiha!!! Don't miss it.

Go away to meetings and look at all the new stuff on the board! Have fun Esfiha!!!!! Enjoy thr training
Alex, my friend!!



Just to give a bit more info on the classes, each class is about 2 hrs long, with 20-30 mins of warm-up followed by technical training for about 45 mins to 1 hr. after that we train.

The Seminar on Sunday will consist of 3 hrs of technical training.

Esfiha's Jiu-jitsu is up-to-date, with the most modern techniques and teaching methods. I've learned some pretty advanced stuff, but he broke it down in such a way so as to make it very easy to understand and easy to learn. I've been applying the principles he taught me in training eversince his first visit about 6 weeks ago. I hope that you guys will come in and see what I mean.


We are hoping to bring in Esfiha on a very regular basis, I believe that with his regular instruction we will progress very rapidly. Esfiha is a fenomenal instructor and competitor. I hope to see the firs few blue belts in our club (besides me) by the end of this year.

we will move our Saturday class to Red Deer as our contribution to Arashi-do's "Behring Alberta Cup 'Training Day'".

Don't forget the next day Esfiha will be doing a 3 hr seminar, Sunday 1-3 PM for only $50 at Black Dragon Karate & Kickboxing, #1, 3220 5th Ave NE.

I hope all can make it as it is shaping up to be a killer weekend in Red Deer and in Calgary!!



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