Esfiha's visit in two weeks...

Esfiha will be coming to Calgay in a couple of weeks. He will be arriving on Monday, May 3rd, and leaving the following Monday, May 10th. During his week long visit, Esfiha will be teaching private classes from 6-7 PM, and two classes per night from 7:00 to 8:30, and from 8:30-10. We will hold a 3 hr gi seminar on Saturday, May 8th from 1-4 PM and a no-gi seminar on Sunday May 9th from 1-4 PM.

Each class is only $10 if paid in advance, vs $15 at the door. Each seminar is $40 in advance vs $50 at the door. If you are from out of town, give me a shout, I'll make an exception for you and you can get the discounted prices when you show up for training.

This is dirt cheap for the quality of instruction your getting. I guarantee you will never be able to find a better bargain. Esfiha is a two time World Champion and a Bronze medalist in the BJJ World Cup.

My goal is to bring Esfiha every 2 months to Calgary to teach here and grade our students. I would like to see everyone taking advantage of this opportunity to grow in the sport and learn from one of the world's best.

If you are interested in hosting a seminar with Esfiha at your location, give me a shout.

Take care and see you all in a couple of weeks.

Alex Roque

BJJ Fight Club
701 0237
3515 17th Ave SE, 2nd floor

ttt for the big E

Esfiha tells funny jokes too. I say he should moonlight doing stand up comedy in his off hours.

TTT FOR ESFIHA ( " White Monkey")

"he should moonlight doing stand up comedy in his off hours"

Dougie, Esfiha is a man with many talents.

TTT for Esfiha

TTT for the visit to Calgary!!

ttt 4 Esfiha waking me up on the mat after I got choked out!!!

esfiha, ttt

I think he stole my wallet while I was unconscious!


He kicked my ass all over the mat tonight. I have no other choice that to put a price on Esfiha's head so large that even Jabba the Hutt would be in shock and awe.


3 days left...