Esfiha's visit postponed??

I have been hearing that he may not be around until early May or something for his Calgary visit?? It'll be nice to roll with him and get graded too!!

He is too busy beating the crap out of me.

I must be full of it because it's taking a really long time.


Hey Dougie, come down to Niagara and we all can get the crap beat out of us!!!!

I will! As soon as things get solid here I want to make that trip. Esfiha says I will have fun getting beat up there.

I think Fox is going to make the trip before I do. If he shows up tell him I still think he is gay but will roll with him if he promises not to try and check my oil.


Hey, i gonna get in calgary may third and stay for one week...
Dougie, u can come to train, i'll protect u from vince...Fox coming to....He past out by choke with one girl with 130lbs.... she had a good grip....ahahaahhaha
I hope everything going good at home for u...let us know if u need anything...
Take care.

Fox has trouble talking to girls. He keeps trying to grapple with them. I keep telling him, "No! When they want to grapple THAT way you DON'T pass the guard!" He's never going to get a girlfriend that way.

I heard the V-Dog is the bomb so of course I want to roll with him and learn the secret moves that will destroy all my opponents!

Esfiha's visit to Calgary is set for May 3 to May 10. We welcome anyone who wants to learn from Esfiha.

Alex Roque

BJJ Fight Club
3515 17th Ave SE

(403) 701 0237

TTT for my big dog partner Esfiha!!! Guys in Calgary don't miss the opportunity to train with the big fella!!