Eskimo-3 Fish Oils BRAND?

A while ago I remember someone recommending Eskimo-3
fish oils as THE BEST, MOST NATURAL type of fish oil
to buy.

Is Eskimo-3 the name of the BRAND? If not, what
company makes Eskimo-3?

Also, what is the MOST NATURAL SALMON oil out there?

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance.

FWIW, my M.D., who works with a lot of athletes in nutrition
and supplementation, recommends Pro Omega, made by a
company called Nordic Naturals. The bottle says "High
Concentration Pharmaceutical Grade Molecularly Distilled
Omega-3 Fish Oil"

I remember reading that salmon oil is better than fish

Could anyone recommend the BEST/ MOST NATURAL SALMON

I am looking for something on par w Eskimo-3 Fish Oil.

Thanks in advance.

"Could anyone recommend the BEST/ MOST NATURAL SALMON OIL?" Can't think of a better source than fresh, WILD salmon. (not farmed, it tastes worse, and the fish must come from an environment with cold waters, the farm fished ones are raised in warmer water and do not have the same lipid profiles)