eskrima/knife fighting instructionals?

can you guys please recommend some good dvds?

For knife fighting check out the books by Dwight McLemore. Big knife fighting

His system is based on the saber. Best I've seen. Combine this with the footwork shown here KK


depends on how you define 'knife fighting'... it's usually BG has a knife and surprises/ambushes you. knife on knife fights are rare.

with that out of the way, depends on what grip you are comfortable with. for the 'earth (aka pikal aka icepick) grip' i've heard good things about forum member, Ray Floro's, dvd. also pikal grip, check out South Narc's (aka Craig Douglas) dvd. i personally haven't bought them yet, so just i'm just passing on what i heard.

i have all 3 of Dwight McLemore's books (2 on bowie knife and one on tomahawk) and i love them. great info, great presentation.

also do not neglect the simple prison shanking methods. good book on that is don pentecost's put 'em down, take 'em out from paladin press.

anything by the Dog Brothers IMO are excellent!



edit: ack! forum member, airyu, is a Sayoc Kali instructor. Sayoc knife is pretty good too.

Ray Floro has some great pikal grip work for longer range use and goes over using a lot of improvised tools with the same method. Southnarc uses the same grip for clinch work in close. The two combined together are a great combo.

If you carry a folder, Michael Janich's fighting folder series is pretty much a must. Also his book on contemporary knife targeting is a must have if you're going to carry any knife as he breaks down what actually happens when people are cut or stabbed in various places and how long they can still fight after getting cut (barring psychological reactions), he backs it all up with actual evidence as opposed to anecdotal stories. His other knife work is also good.

Anything dog brothers is excellent, and their empty hand defense (Die Less Often Series) is the best I've ever seen.

I've heard good things about James Keating and Tom Sotis, but never seen/trained with either.

Stickgrappler - hello:

i have all 3 of Dwight McLemore's books (2 on bowie knife and one on tomahawk) and i love them. great info, great presentation.

SG, I've trained with Dwight several times at his seminars at his home studio and at the Bowies on the Beach series.

Even at age 60+ he's still a force, even after his heart surgery. I can only guess at how good he was pre-surgery in this 30s, 40s and 50s. He has exceptional forward pressure, superb distancing and targeting and an incredible set of training methods and principles. As I said his method is based on saber fencing/fighting, and is a fan of HH and the other top RBSD knife guys.


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for remembering me stickgrappler. Just so I can give a little perspective; I have trained very heavily in weapon based systems. For instance, Sayoc Kali, AMOK, Pekiti Tirsia, Modern Arnis, Floro Fighting Systems, Kalis Ilustrisimo(just basics with Ray),Silat, Atienza Kali, etc etc. That's not including the various other traditional arts, as well. (I am a martial arts junkie!)

My questions for forumnewb are:

1) what are you trying to gain from your practice?
2) What weapon(S) are you planning or are carrying?
3) Are you currently practicing any other art?

I have a long list of resources in the armed or unarmed categories narrow it down and I can send a list out. I had placed one in one of my web newsletters awhile ago but I can dig it up for you .

Guro Steve L.

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