ESPN 2 Boxing on Dec 3rd

Dec. 3
At Atlantic City, New Jersey - 12 rounds, featherweights: Ricardo Juarez (21-0, 14 KOs)

vs. Guty Espadas Jr. (38-6 24 KOs)

Starts at 7:000 PM

cool, thanks for the heads up

dominick guinn vs. sergei something also

its a shame, where was the guinn that fought grant?

Nice KO. I skipped the first hour of the show
and tunded in just in time for the show.
Really nice Knockout coming from a Featherweight!

the Guinn that fought Grant was the same Guinn for the most part. He was losing that fight til he KO'd Grant

ESPN's write up of the fights.

It's been my experience that you usually see the best knockouts (and the best action in general) in the non-heavyweight divisions.

for some reason i remember guinn whooping grant. i dunno.

he KO'd him, but Grant was winning. Not to mention that Grant liked to lay back himself, so looking like the aggressive one against him isn't that big a deal