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This might be old news, but I thought some of you guys might want to read this anyways.

The "Cabbage" guy was covered in tattoos, with rainbow-colored hair, looking like he hadn't done a situp in five years

Damn, thats harsh.

no other responses?

Although a bit cynical, I liked the article

'Yup ... it was Bruce Buffer, Michael Buffer's brother, UFC stalwart and the Frank Stallone of ringside announcing. I will always support the UFC, now and forever, simply because somebody made the decision, "Hey, we could get any ring announcer ... let's hire Michael Buffer's brother, just for comedy's sake." Stroke of genius. You know he just sits around all day, wondering how he could top "Let's get ready to rummmmmmmmmm-BUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLL!", then getting pissed off and throwing things around his living room.

After Bruce's garbled intro...'


Some hilarious quotes in there -

The good people at UFC stuck us in the fourth row, just high enough for a perfect view of the octagon, just far enough away so we wouldn't get splattered with blood. Of course, it also meant we were in the VIP section, which may or may not have also been the Champagne Room. Sweet Jesus. Were these girlfriends or escorts? Frankly, it was too early to tell. Every man in the first few rows had a glazed, giddy "I can't believe I'm with this girl."

We encouraged Cabbage like he was finishing a triathlon. He continued to assault Sylvia's fists with his head.

Not bad. At least he said he liked it. They did miss a pretty good fight with Ricco & Randy. Maybe not exactly the image we're looking to promote but it was posative and will probably earn the UFC a second glance from those unfamiliar with it.

worse thing is that, the guy who wrote it gets paid for it.

I liked that article. Bill Simmons writes some great stuff. The Frank Stalone comment is classic.

Good article he told it like it was. it is what it is

good article.