ESPN - Chuck Liddell Article


good read

"He doesn't pray, either. Not before a fight anyway.

"Why would I?"

Somewhere, Matt Hughes is having a fit.

I thought the article was okay...nothing special. I was expecting something new.

Good article

I told you I was good looking!

That captured Liddell very well.

Good read

OMA , eat your heart out!

The more I read about Chuck the closer I am to becoming a fan.

They're still parrotting the same bullshit about Dana and the boys nixing
the NHB rules but overall it's a good article.

Awesome article, thought this was a nice touch....

"A short list of largely unknown facts about Chuck Liddell:

He was in the chess club.

He has never broken his nose.

He was an A student in high school.

He has a degree in accounting.

He has a Chihuahua named Bean.

He has seen "Fight Club."

It was "fine."

He has also seen "The Sound of Music."

He loved it. So much so that he went to see the musical -- a couple of times."

At first I was going to cut and paste all the "gay" analogy's they used to describe Chuck, and point how how bad the author of this article wanted to suck him off. But then a much more relavant statement caught my attention...

"Eventually, a teacher told Mrs. Liddell, a single parent, that her son was going to get hit every day unless he hit back"

That is great, where are those teachers today? If a teahcher said that today they'd be fired on the spot. Thats the problem with kids today, too much coddeling. This teacher should be contacted and giver an award. Thats the person I want teaching my kids. Fighting solves nothing??? Bullshit.

And now the gayness...

"Liddell is wearing expensive, loose-fitting jeans and a T-shirt with cherubs frolicking across the chest. His head is shaved save for a tight Lohawk. He has on flip-flops, which reveal his toenails. They are painted an implausible neon pink."

"Liddell is 37 years old. He is 6'2", 220 pounds. He has a round, boyish face, with piercing eyes and a sharply defined, Val Kilmer mouth. He's not small, but he doesn't block the sun like many athletes. His body is one of supreme use; every muscle serves a purpose."

Nah, no one got hard writting that... LOL

great article!

I doubt anyone got hard writing that considering it was written by someone named Allison.

"A lot of big guys make a reputation for themselves as hard," Liddell says. "Then I'll see them in the ring and they can't fight their way out of a paper bag. They're picking on guys they can beat. That's not being tough. That's being an a--hole."


"And now the gayness.......Nah, no one got hard writing that... LOL"

The writer's female.

JInJackson has already illustrated that it was written by a female, I appologize and I will leave this place forever.I was just making a point of how terrible some of that shit was, or perhaps I was just compensating for the fact that that I felt my pants getting strangely tight while reading that. Either way I have been exposed, Im off to go kill myself. Farewell cruel world.

And to add to the humility, I double posted. Just aint my day.

I saw that Chck was on the cover so I picked one up. Good read.