ESPN - Chuck Liddell Article

It was a good article. Any publicity through ESPN is good. Chuck sure is the superstar now a days. He deserves it though. Hard worker, fights anyone they want him to and never makes excuses.

His popularity has come a long way from 2002 when he couldn't even get Tito to fight him.

I was just gonna post that article if nobody had done so yet. It's excellent, one of the most positive articles on MMA I have ever seen in the mainstream media.

How far this sport has come along!


Very awesome.

Great article but calling Chuck the best fighter in MMA is just plain out wrong. Everyone knows the real answer to that question of who the best is.

Stupid ESPN made two different covers... one with Chuck and his kid and one about their big "steroids in baseball" story. Of course, I got the steroid one. Sucks that ESPN doesn't quite trust MMA enough to stick with just the one cover of Chuck. I bet that one sells a lot more mags than the steroid one.

I think that just proves that people don't wanna be retardo muscle bound freaks. When a casual buys looks at fitness mags it's a lot better to see a Chuck or Shogun, who's bodies seem real, normal, and healthy, rather than some pumped out meathead.


Good Stuff.