ESPN + is a joke

I subscribe but it won’t let me watch TUF


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Not good natured flop, seriously what’s up?

I watched the replay with no issues.

Trying logging out and logging back in.

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I’m watching it right now with espn +

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Dont feel bad, it sucks for me too.

The app is awful, i have no idea how in 2021 a company that large cant get a fucking app right


Question. Did you sign up using your phone or computer?

I spoke with a rep who told me to use a computer to sign up for the app. If that makes sense.

  • On a SideNote: A lot of people I know were having difficulty with the app last night. I watched on my computer and cast to my TV. No issues.

Eventually it started working, maybe it couldn’t handle the traffic? Whick seems janky

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Yep, never worked for me on PS4. I unsubscribed some time ago.


I have been watching the old TUFs just for shits and giggles. The one thing that kills me about the app is that it doesn’t keep up with where you left off and has no “continue watching” section like literally every other streaming service.


My biggest gripe. That and no “watchlist” or watch later list I can add shows to watch later. Unreal they don’t have that in 2021.

Can’t stand them. And even more so when you have to pay just to read some of their stuff.

It’s very hard to find shows and doesn’t allow you to create a playlist or anything

ESPN plus interface is awful