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 haha they havent posted any of DeepFriedJinx's questions! -

(Blue Name Help please - make the link more accessible)

 we'll see if James Varnell gets a response.  LOL


Do you like football?

jon jones

yes football is great

FACKING BOOOOOLSHEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the obvious explanation is Kirik provided the ESPN staff with records of our IPs so they could blacklist us.  Someone ask a normal question.

 Todd Lalley from AZ Combat Sports just left this gem.

Jon if you wanna really trane some stand up come see us at AZ Combat sports in Tempe.  We'll whip ya into shape.

ImGladUmad - I asked a why me no get response.

was that the one about white women?

 well I think the important thing is that Jon "got him some fans" with that bullshit.  I CALL BULLSHIT.

Sweet, I got the last question in.  LOL @ Machido!

William (Virginia)

Which opponent has given you the toughest fight in the UFC?

Jon Jones
  (2:30 PM)

Probably my last opponent, Lyoto Machido.

"Nate (Indiana)

Who is your favorite athlete not in mma?
Jon Jones
(2:23 PM)

LeBron James."

It all makes sense now.