ESPN MMA: rampage declares

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spliff - he could fight Badr... 
I think he would destroy Bader. Bader needs to build himself up no need for that. Phone Post



 He just need to go to the WWE already

What a waste of talent

 he's slow as fuck... this is all negotiating talk.


Godmode - Rampage would get murdered by a legit boxer IMO.

 This is true.

MMALOGIC -  he's slow as fuck... this is all negotiating talk.


 As is this.

 J Toney vs Rampage 

Mmanizzle -  J Toney vs Rampage 

Toney would make him look stupid in a boxing match

spliff -  made this on Paint 

Nice!! Phone Post

I would watch some boxing, except that it's the same guys winning today as 10 years ago in a lot of cases. I don't much care to watch the over-the-hill versions of the guys that weren't as good as their predecessors in the first place anyways, thanks. Phone Post

maybe X-Arm has what hes looking for

Chimonos Revenge - That is all he does in MMA anymore, anyways.

What happened to his slams and wrestling?

I've been wondering the same thing. He's been a different fighter all together from his pride days. That's slam of arona is still an all timer IMO Phone Post

rampage would get owned.
hes way too stiff and just not a smart fighter.

he does have power to fall back on but how often does a slow, flat footed, overly defensive, counter puncher win against a slick boxer? in boxing.

love the old rampage, but hes long gone now.

Rampage and kimbo!!! Phone Post

Rampage would make bank if he boxed. He'd be a huge draw. Phone Post

rampage vs DAda5000 imo

Rampage would not be relevant in boxing, even in a relatively weak cruiserweight division.

 its frustrating to see a guy like Rampage not utilize his full skillset.

I mean you go through this grueling training camp full of wrestling, BJJ, and striking and then all you do is punch for the past 5 fights?

You dont need a state of art camp like Musclepharm to do that. You just need a punching bag and a treadmill in someones garage.

He should go to American Top Team.

I hope this is BS.

Rampage says he hates training. Well, boxing training is more tedious.

Rampage is an all time top 5 LHW. Jones is the only fighter to finish him in years. He stil has his chin, he still punches like a brick, he can still fight for 5 rounds, he can still compete with any LHW on the planet... yet he still chooses to train at a sub par camp.

Nothing against his camp.. but there are so many better oppertunites here in the States.

Of the 4 greatest LHW's ever in MMA, only Rampage and Shogun are still relavent. They are fighting among a stacked division of younger talent. They both have an oppertunity for a rematch with John Jones in the next year or so, as long as they keep winning.

Thats the thing.. Rampage could make history in a rematch with Jones. And IF he finds a way to win, he could make MORE history in a trilogy.

If Rampage would just go to a TOP U.S. camp, and DEDICATE the next 2 years of his life to training, and destroying every LHW in his path.. there is almost no limit to what he could accomplish. The foundation is already there, and he hasn't started getting "old" yet.

Sure, Jones keeps getting better, and maybe Rampage would lose a rematch. But He STILL has the power to be a threat.

Randy Couture dominated Chuck Liddell, and it seemed like Randy was just a bad matchup for Chuck. But Liddell went back to the drawing board and refined his game, while still playing to his strengths. We all know what happend in those 2 rematches.

It doesn't seem likley that Rampage has the desire to attempt somthing like that.. but I really hope he does.

For the record, he did look great physically in the Jones fight. And his head movement was fantastic.

I'm sure Rampage has his reasons for training with who he does. But He just lost, and didn't get the belt back he wanted so much. So whatever they are doing.. it didn't work. Its easy to say Jones is just that good. But realistically, when was the last time Rampage finished an opponent?

Somthing needs to change.