ESPN retarted again

So im up last nite at 3 am watching sportscenter and this shit pisses me off. They talk shit about the UFC and MMA on espn all the time and then they did a 5 minute segment on the legitimacy of CHESS FUCKING BOXING. Yes CHESS BOXING, are you fucking kidding me? Anyone else see this bullshit?

I was doing shit around the house and had espn on when the chess boxing segment came on, lol

Chess boxing is the future!

Chess sucks anyways!

Excuse my ignorance but WTF is chess boxing?

I saw that this morning....I thought the same thing....


wtf is chess boxing?


LOL I can't tell if your kidding or not!

"ESPN retarted again"


this is 'retarted'.

Chess boxing
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This article is about the sport chess boxing. For Wu-Tang Clan single, see Da Mystery of Chessboxin'.
Chess boxing is a hybrid sport which combines the sports of chess and boxing.

The concept was envisioned in 1992 by cartoonist Enki Bilal, and a match of chess boxing was a major plot point of his graphic novel Froid-Équateur. Iepe "The Joker" Rubingh, a Dutch artist, inspired by Bilal's book, brought the concept to life in the spring of 2003.

Chess boxing was featured in the 1991 Finnish movie Uuno Turhapuro - herra Helsingin herra, where Uuno plays blindfold chess against one person using a hands-free telephone headset while boxing another person. It is not known if Bilal or Rubingh knew about the movie. In addition, there is a 1979 movie by director Joseph Kuo called "Ninja Checkmate" whose USA dubbed version was known as "Mystery of Chess Boxing". It does not feature chessboxing as understood in this article. The "Mystery of Chess Boxing" is likely an inspiration for the Wu-Tang Clan song of the same name, from their first album "Enter the Wu-Tang".

A match between two opponents consists of up to eleven alternating rounds of boxing and chess sessions, starting with a four-minute chess round followed by two minutes of boxing and so on. Between rounds there is a 1 minute pause, during which competitors change their gear. The form of chess played is "blitz chess" in which competitors have a total of twelve minutes. Competitors may win by knockout, checkmate, a judge's decision or if their opponent's twelve minutes of chess time elapses.

Chess boxing sounds pretty entertaining, imo

its fucking retarted, they do a round of boxing, then a round of chess, each with rest periods between them.

The worst part is that the segment seemed to promote chess boxing as a more legitimate sport then MMA, because it has the "top combat sport" and chess.

Chess boxing actually sounds fun. To win you have to be sharp mentally AND physically.

What's not to like?

I saw the segment too. It was pretty ridiculous. It's like watching a football game for ten minutes, then stopping the game to have them play monopoly against each other. It's a spectacle.

"it sounds worse than when they aired the paper, Scissors, Rock championships awhile back...."

IMO that would be a lot more interesting than chess boxing...

lmao at the football/monopoly idea, Imagine the taunts T.O. could come up with when he got boardwalk AND park place!

It's not about sport is legit or even what sport gets ratings. It's about what sport is "safe" to watch.

LOL @ Retarted

I also LOL'd @ 'Retarted'