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ESPN ruined my night.....

So i stayed away from spoilers all day then in between rounds 2 and 3 of Jardine and Vera i flip back to ESPN to check college football scores and across the bottom is UFC results.......

The spoilers EVERYWHERE have really been unbelievable. I guess we should have found a (illegal) way to watch the event before the actual Spike broadcast.

 it's ok.  Shiloh, the faggot poster here, posted the results on an OG thread about staying away from the UG because they were posting spoilers.

The UG is posting spoilers

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so he goes on this thread and posts:

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and yet it says "Live from England" in the top right corner of my TV....who does Zuffa think they are fooling?

The "Live from England" commercial is why I assumed it would be live. Had no idea I was going to get spoilers here.

LANDIS, the 3 minute breaks between rounds are a give away as well.

i knew it wasnt really live thats why i stayed off the the interweb all day. i just cant believe ESPN had a ticker score update across the bottom of the screen with results right before the fight starts on Spike

they fuckin ruined my night too. i already sent them an email bitching. will send at least 3 more tommorrow

Welcome to the information age bitches!