ESPN Tournament of Champions

Tonight 8:00pm Eastern / 5:00pm Pacific on ESPN, it's 3 hours long. Only one winner taking 2 million dollars:

Daniel Negreanu

Phil Ivey

Howard Lederer

Chip Reese

Annie Duke

TJ Cloutier

Phil Hellmuth

Doyle Brunson

Johnny Chan

Greg Raymer

Pretty good show, 3 hours long. I won't say who probably wouldn't believe me if I told you.

The show could've seriously been half as long, they'd show one hand then a bunch of filler crap, then a bunch of commercials, then show one hand, etc etc etc. Got really annoying. But then again since it doesn't seem like there was any buy in for the game I guess they had to make money on the commercials

Yeah if it was 2 hours it would have been the best TV poker broadcast ever.


boy that was great watching helmuth get upset afterwards

I don't know, I was pulling for him. He's really entertaining to watch on tv. It's probably another story to actually play with him at the table, but he is fun as hell to watch.

Even Brunso was busting his balls, and Doyle was saying that Hellmuth was a great player.

hellmuth is the best thing to ever happen to poker as entertainment. the guy is such an ass its incredible.

I liked the filler crap. Great show

I enjoyed the show.

I think Annie Duke is becomming my favorite.

When she had K 9 paired and only showed him the 9. She shut down his play quick.

Hellmuth is a friggen cry baby.

Hes gonna watch the tape and see why he will never be "The New Hellmuth"

Fuck, I hate that tard.

that's what makes him so great. he's the guy you love to hate

wtf was he thinking going after that pot with ace high......that's what ruined him.....

i missed the rant...

Why did Brunson go all in no look?

He was pretty short stacked

Where was Jesus?

Seriously only showing the 9 was BEAUTIFUL, probably the smartest move that could've been done right there. Of course if Hellmuth watches it he'll then spin it to how smart he was to lay it down there cause he had a solid read on her.

There were a few times with her that I felt she had pushed the envelope too many times and her number was about to come up, especially with her all-ins against Raymer. But she kept managing to get the cards needed.

I've read a few articles online that have said Phil isn't that bad to hang out with away from a poker table, but when he's playing, well we've seen how he is when he plays.

Also, a lot of people (else where) have said how much they don't like Greg Raymer. I haven't seen or heard of him doing anything away from the table that makes him seem like an ass. I think a lot of people didn't like his aggresive play and how he always seemed to win with it during the WSOP. I don't know, Gus Hanson has a similar aggresive style (granted I don't know much about poker) yet people seem to like him, but I think it's okay with him b/c we've seen him lose so people don't feel like him getting lucky is as big of a deal as Greg Raymer getting lucky and then going on to win the WSOP.

I don't know, all three Hellmuth, Raymer, Hanson, I'd bet they're decent guys away from the poker table. But like Raymer and Hanson are just aggressive and take risks while playing, so some people don't like it, I don't mind it but I'd hate to play with them (then again I really do need to learn how to deal with aggresive players better).

Oh yeah, and how many times can pocket 6's come in in a single game

Doyle going all in was partially due to the short stack, but also I think because he was in apin. I have a feeling his health isn't the best.

I missed Jesus, Moneymaker and Hansen. Where were they?

tell you the truth i didnt think annie duke deserved her seat in this tournament

me either but she got a bracelet

duke got great hands for the three hands they played before hellmuth went out. there was really nothing he could do but make a stand and hope she was either bluffing or that he would hit a lucky card.

its hard to lose when your dealt the nuts in every hand straight up. if anything i was impressed with Phil's two laydowns previously. he had hands most would have played out, but he had a bad feeling and was able to lay down.

despite his attitude i belive phil is an excellent player. in fact, i belive from a skill standpoint he was the best player that night. Duke hit at least 6 hands that were flukes before getting every hand in the book against Phil.