Espresso in Italy

When they order espresso is it just a single?

I’m told the double shot is an American thing and in Italy when you ask for coffee it’s a single shot of espresso.

Can someone confirm or deny

Yes it’s a single- lived there for four yrs

They just go back multiple times a day, part of the culture :wink:

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Love it. That’s what I thought. Thanks for confirming.

I think I’ll start ordering single shots now and tell people “that’s how they do it in italy” in a snobby way


Doppio espresso is very seldomly ordered but you could probably get away with it

I heard the double is a Starbucks invention that has become an American standard

Double $ for Starcucks.

I’m sure that’s right. You know Americans, more not moderation is better

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Yes, if you ask for a coffee you will have an espresso brought to you. If you ask for milk in bad Italian they will look at you in disgust.

Yeah it’s a single shot, a cappuccino also only has a single shot in it (not sure about other espresso drinks but assume the same).

It’s the right amount imo. Don’t get that gross jittery feeling.

Plus it’s like half the price :slight_smile:

Just ask for an “americano” - it’s a full cup of coffee.

Nothing embarrassing about it, I am in Sicily now and doing just that since the one-sip espresso is ridiculous to me.



Any dago coffee place will happily make an Americano. And it’s actually very good. Better quality beans, full pressure espresso and hot water.

Goddamnit, now I have to make one. I blame you Mr Sensei.

Can I get a uh… Double frappe caramalatte faggacini?

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Many spots close to the sites in Rome had doppio options on their menu last I went in 2019 (for americans)

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Do you use a Moka pot? I am thinking about grabbing one. Just need more than online reviews?

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The best are the highway rest stops (no homo), cslled “Autogrills”.

Entire groups of reg local italians will regularly stop at these highway rest stops and all charge the espresso counter like 50 deep, take their sgots, take a piss, and get back on the road

Hell yes. Just like nonna.

I use an 8 cup. It allows more room in the basket if you want a stronger more espresso-like cup. Unfortunately that’s rare these days. Years of ristretto fucked my guts up.

But yeah, I digress. Aluminum moka, large basket, espresso grind, pre-soak. Works like a charm. And if you want a more American style cup, just adjust the ratio.

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just ordered a 6 cup. I understood everything but pre-soak
I’ll need a splash of milk. cold, warmed, steamed?