ESPY Awards - Best Fighter

Randy Couture and Quinton Jackson have been nominated in the "Best Fighter" category for the ESPY Awards.

Please vote and don't vote for a boxer. :)

Best Fighter Vote

It won't link to that specific vote so just click on view all categories and then scroll down to Best Fighter.

i voted for Randy. Even though they would probably show him for like a second at the espys if he won.

I voted for Randy but the biggest win of the year was Floyd's, he'll get the ESPY.


I don't see the BEST FIGHTER category

I can't find it?

I can't find it?

Just go to espn website and search for espy.

Kirik you have to scroll down with the really small blue bar to the right

I think Miguel Cotto or Randy deserve to win

scroll down

What about Hendo?

Smart of them to put two UFC guys in. That splits up the vote and keeps the odds of either winning much lower.

I know this forum can influence a vote!!

wtf wheres fedor? should be an "open" selection... this is weak.

Randy gets my vote.

I gave it to Rampage...he would have a better acceptance speech....more funny anyway


Randy but hopefully he acknowledges Fedor in his speech haha

It looks like we should all vote for Randy.

Saucy do you know will individual category votes be counted or does one have to vote for every category in order for each vote to count? The concern is obviously all of us and going a voting only for "Best Fighter" and none of the votes actually counting

Voted for Randy, LeBron and Troy.