Essential Gear for MMA Sparring

Hi everyone. just wanted to post my new blog and the first "article" (by MMA standards I may be a credible journalist by now! j/k) Brand new blog so please excuse the lack of content (or creativity. working on it..)

I welcome your thoughts and opinions, both from the experienced and the novice.



Good article. Phone Post

Enjoyed that. Phone Post

 Thanks. I'm going to focus many of my initial posts on new MMA students - equipment, goals, training, sparring, mental, and naturally this is one of the first questions asked.

Do you like the black layout, or should I go back to standard light background, dark text?

For "drill sparring" 25%speed/power our school doesn't use headgear, unless the person cuts/bruises easilly and only wants a workout. For competition team sparring, we wear headgear. Since PA am rules require it might as well get used to wearing it,plus its alot harder sparring. I'd recommend some sort of anti fungal cream, I can't remember the name of the stuff our gym uses(I think ABC, defense soap is good as well) because even though our mats get cleaned twice a day theres still crap living in them(over the summer we had a decent amout of impetigo, ringworm, a few staph infections) and if you have a day job you don't want that crap in a visible spot or your training time cut into.

As far as goals, tell every student to write their goals down and put them somewhere that they'll see EVERY day. When I didn't have specific goals(not just training but every day life) I was just going day by day, now every time I wakeup I see oh, I wanna be cut at 160 pounds and make my am debut in 2 months, or I want a 3.5 GPA etc. etc. It works, since I've had specific goals, I've started getting alot better at my weak points(it sucks to wakeup every day and be reminded of your weak spots, but it'll motivate you to get better at them)

Your list is good though, everything minus the bag gloves I have in my gear bag.

 Excellent point slagathor! We keep a can of lysol above the gear rack and encourage all students to take the time to clean their gear up immediately after practice. (wiping off gloves, spraying linings etc.)

I plan on talking more about my opinion on headgear when I blog about sparring. certainly the two are related.

Goals etc. is a whole 'nother bag! :)  thanks for the feedback. 

 thought I'd ttt this one time for the evening shift.

 Good stuff

 Thanks. Sometimes us old MMA-heads forget what it was like to be  the new guy in class and without a background on gear - what is good, and what to avoid. Thought this would help steer new people towards better gear and better value $ and better safety.

Another thing, I'd tell everyone to get the cheapo $5 shock doctor single guard. Everyone I know that has used the Everlast doubles says the same thing, makes it harder to breath. The $5 ones fit the best IMO(in the boil n bite line) and plus I've lost countless mouth pieces, either left at the gym fell outta my bag in the car the parking lot etc.

Also, don't let them buy the cheapest or most expensive gear right outta the gate, cheap gear breaks down very quickly(minus my $30 everlast boxing gloves that I had for a year before I bought my fairtex) and doesn't protect you as much(minus the mouth piece) and if they decide 6months to a year down the road they wanna discontinue training noone wants to have hundreds of dollars of top flight gear collecting dust.

I had some decently cheap gear for the first 6months or so and then started bumping up to the top stuff. Revgear seems to be fairly good, I have their cloth shin pads and a lot of guys have the mma sparring gloves(the ones with alot of padding across the knuckles that are nice) I bought the "bomber training headgear(cloth and machine washable) when I was 14 and my coach made me wear it for all sparring since I was under 16 and its lasted me four years so far. With minimal breakdown.

I'd also recommend putting their initals somewhere on the gear in case they leave it and someone picks it up so they can prove its theirs.

Good stuff Coach!