Establishing the Jab for MMA

How do you think one would be able to develop the skills and approach to getting the jab of consistently in MMA ?

While the jab has been utilised in some fights, I can not think of one where it has been employed to control the fight. I am aware that the nature of MMA dictates that the jab's dynamics would change slightly but I am curious as to see what your opinons are ?

I have found that counter fighters like Rizzo and Lidell have used the jab pretty well but at times they are somewhat lazy in it. Miletich has very consumate boxing skills and seems at times able to neutralise his opponents on the feet often controlling the fight.

I will post some more shortly when I dont have to buzz off.

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footwork, footwork, footwork

Amen :)

I just read an article in Ultimate Athlete that MMAs
should NOT utilize the double jab. It works
wonders in boxing however.

I just read an article in Ultimate Athlete that MMAs
should NOT utilize the double jab. It works
wonders in boxing however.

double jab prob takes that extra second that gives the opponent a chance for a takedown...

the jab just isn't that effective in mma. I would spend time developing a good hook, and straight right.

Check out the recent Steibling vs Shoji fight for some very good jab work in MMA.

A weak or slow jab with no lateral movement is bad in any Combat Sport. A fast jab with varying rhytm, that comes back to guard the face quickly and is coupled with good movement and is followed up with other punches, kicks or a good shot is invaluable.

Nog has a good jab when he chooses to use it.

It would have made life easier against Sapp and Fedor if he had with them.

I think the jab is under-utilised and more effective in MMA than given credit for. I think the problem with MMA is that we have very few specialists or guys that have top basic bread and butter skills. Sure we have elite grappler's, but as far as top stand up guy's we are now only starting to see a few of them cross over into our sport.

I think a fighter with good sprawling skills and lateral motion would be able to use the jab pretty damned well either as a defensive tool or a strike to set up more strikes or help with the was pointed out above.

I think the main problem is that the jab is seldom practised or realised and thus under-developed.


a good jab is a better weapon in MMA than boxing, thanks to thin gloves a jab can really put the marks on a guys face. The thing is in MMA you cant start out a fight jabbing. Unless the other guy is slugging, then a hard jab will back him off asap. If you start off with it though, most guys will try like hell to close distance and clinch, especially if you sting them. To use the jab in a mma fight you have to hurt the guy with something else first OR wear him down by fending off takedowns for a couple of attempts.

For MMA a hard leg kick or same hand hook after a jab can be brutally effective, as many guys dont have the footwork or time in the ring to deal with change ups like that.

Watching guys like Igor Vorchancyn really show what
establishing a jab can do... Even when he is not
trying to land with it, Igor uses the jab to measure
distance and distract the opponent from predicting
when the "real" punching is coming....
His left hand is always moving, really unpredictable.
The jab is absolutely necessary to set-up other
punches but has to be thrown with authority....
In MMA, NEVER throw the double... From a boxing
perspective, the double jab is awesome, but in mma
you'll be taken down in a second...
Europeans throw a hook punch that comes in straight
appearing like a jab (slightly off-centre), but turns
over at the last second into an effective long-range
jab.... Cool and it works really well...
Takes a lot of shoulder
strength and hip/waist rotation....
Paul Mitchell